Aleppo soap, a classic recipe which includes a combination of laurel and olive oils, was born several centuries ago. Useful properties of such soap are unique, and always give a wonderful result when using soap.

Aleppo soap is suitable for hair and body, for the skin of the face and hands, for shaving, they even bathe babies. Soap is hypoallergenic, not replaceable with skin rashes, dermatological diseases. Laurel oil has a rich color that makes the soap green. The ratio of olive and bay oil affects the properties of the final product. If you need soap for dry skin, add more olive oil. When creating soap for problem and oily skin – laurel oil. Also, other oils are added to balance, for example coconut, as suggested in the recipe described below.

Aleppsky soap do it yourself

Recipe Aleppo soap from scratch cold


  • 250 g – laurel oil
  • 500 g – olive oil
  • 250 g – coconut oil
  • 140.89 g – alkali NaOH
  • 330 g – ice water

Aleppsky soap do it yourself

  1. Observing safety precautions, prepare the dishes, fixtures and all components, according to the recipe. We cover the face with goggles and a mask, wear gloves on the pens. We open the window for airing, close the door to the creative workshop from unexpected visitors.
  2. We weigh the oils and drown them in a water bath.
  3. Weigh alkali and ice water separately.
  4. Carefully pour the alkali into the water and wait until the alkaline solution cools and equals the temperature of the melted oils.
  5. Pour the alkaline solution through a sieve into the oil and mix.Aleppo soap from scratch hot
  6. Turn on the immersion mixer and bring the weight to the track.
  7. We lay out Aleppo soap from scratch in the form of one and a half kilograms and knock for air bubbles to come out.
  8. Leave in a warm place until the gel stage.
  9. After about a day, remove the soap from the mold, cut into pieces and leave to ripen for about four months.

What is Aleppo soap?

In order to figure out what this Aleppo soap is, you should cook it once and fall in love with its beneficial properties. Soap has a natural green color and is a 100% natural handmade product. Aleppo soap for this recipe can be used for hair and body. During storage, the soap can become covered with a brown crust, which will disappear when washed, inside the soap remains green and over time it becomes only more noble.

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