There are many soap foundations of various manufacturers, but among all it is necessary to allocate the English basis for its quality and fair price. The most popular brand of the English base is called Crystal. It is in demand among soap makers primarily for its quality. This base gives a good foam, easily hardens, chops and melts. In addition to the convenience of working with this foundation, it also has a good effect on the skin, does not overdry it, and also takes the additives that you add to it.

English bases for soap:

  • Soap base England

    English base for soap

    The white English base (Crystal WSLS Free) is a white matte base with no lauryl sulfate, so the foam is not abundant. When adding dyes, get a matte, pastel color.


  • The white English base (Crystal WST) is similar to the previous one, but it is much better soaked due to the presence of lauryl sulfate.
    The transparent English base (Crystal SLS Free) is a base without color and smell, with it you can get bright rich colors. Does not contain lauryl sulfate, it does not foam well, but it softens the skin well.
  • White English base with Shea butter (Crystal Shea) is a white base with 18% Shea butter. Well takes fragrances and softens the skin thanks to oil, glycerin and the absence of surfactants.
  • Transparent English base on olive oil (Crystal OV) – a transparent base, made on the basis of olive oil (20% of all added oils). Yellowish, dull color, odorless, well foams.
  • White English goat milk base (Crystal Goats Milk) is a matte white base based on vegetable oils and goat milk. It has a slight smell of milk, because it is better to use fragrances of this group. Foams well.
  • English soap baseOrganic English base for soap (Crystal NCO (ORG)) – the basis of a light yellow-brown hue, muddy, does not contain surfactants. The most natural of the proposed foundations, anti-allergenic, suitable for making baby soap, facial soap. It has a slight smell, add a little more flavor.
  • White English swirl base (Crystal Suspending M & P) – has a viscous, viscous structure that allows you to create beautiful stains and add scrubbing substances that will not settle at the bottom to the bottom. Creates a good foam, has no smell, well takes flavors.
  • English base for soap makingTransparent English base, stable to vanilla (Crystal SLS Free HCVS) – a transparent base that does not darken over time with the addition of vanilla, does not need a stabilizer. Does not contain lauryl sulfate, soap is medium.
  • White English creamy base (Crystal OPC) – a very soft white base that does not harden over time, retaining its texture. Great for creating scrubs, cream soaps, soap-cakes and other things. Foams well, has no smell.
  • The English basis for Beldi’s soap is a soft base, with a slight yellowish tinge, consisting of all-natural ingredients, mainly olive oil, Shea butter, etc. Soap from such a base is made for the Turkish bath (hamam).
  • English base for soap Crystal Goats MilkWhite English shaving base (Crystal SSB) is a white soft soap base from which to make shaving soap. It is necessary to add only flavor. Creates a good foam. Recommend not to freeze.
  • English base for solid shampoo (Crystal Solid Shampoo) – has a light yellowish tint, as made with the addition of aloe. Economical to use, odorless, easily aromatized.
  • English base for soap from scratch (Re-Batch SP-SG) – this base is made without the use of alkali and only on palm oils. Foams well, without aroma. It melts for a long time, it is recommended to melt in a water bath. The molten base has a viscous structure.
  • The English base for soap is recognized by soap makers all over the world mainly for its consistent quality.

Soap base England

Despite the fact that it is a bit more expensive than the foundations of other producing countries, it justifies itself in work and the result completely.

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