The cold days have already arrived, and I want something warm and cozy, and the holidays are getting closer, which means that my soap makers and everyone who loves to make presents with their own hands for the New Year and Christmas have already begun to create them. An excellent and not time-consuming gift will be such a beautiful soap from a rustic base. To create such anise soap with your own hands

You will need:

  • Silicone Rectangle Shape
  • 80g – English Crystal Shea Basics
  • 20 gr – transparent English base crystal ST
  • 1/3 teaspoon green clay
  • 1 tablet of spirulina
  • 5 drops of anise essential oil
  • 3 drops of orange essential oil
  • Anise stars
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Alcohol in a pulverizer

How to make anise soap from the basics with your own hands

  1. Prepare the dye – pound the spirulina tablet to a powdered state and clay, mix and grind the resulting mixture with a teaspoon of alcohol. So you get a homogeneous mixture, which is well dissolved in the base, without lumps.
  2. Cut the white base into cubes and gently melt it in a microwave or in a water bath. Do not let the base boil. Mix the essential oils in a teaspoon and pour into the slightly cooled base. Do not pour the essential oils into a hot base, as their smell will evaporate.ONE4
  3. Add your mixture of spirulina and clay to the base and mix well the base until smooth. Do not interfere too actively, so that no bubbles appear.
  4. Pour in the base when its temperature drops to 45-50 ° C, otherwise the clay will settle to the bottom of the mold. Stir the base again before pouring. After pouring, sprinkle with alcohol to remove bubbles from the surface and set to freeze.THREE5
  5. After the soap has grabbed a crust enough to support the weight of the next layer, spread the anise star and cinnamon sticks to your taste on the surface.FOUR4
  6. Cut and then melt the transparent base, again not letting it boil. Sprinkle the soap again with alcohol for better adhesion and gently pour the transparent base so that it covers the spices, sprinkle again with alcohol. After the final setting, remove the soap from the mold.FIVE4


We received almost completely natural soap – dye and fragrance. We chose natural, which will have a beneficial effect on our skin, but it can also cause the dye to migrate, and therefore it is better to use this soap for a month or two. Also be careful to use, it is better to wash this soap from the bottom, as the stars of anise can be a little caustic.

The recipe is taken and transferred from the site