This is a fragrant and balanced recipe for hair shampoo from Castilian basics that you can do with your own hands. This shampoo moisturizes the scalp, makes hair soft and shiny. Shampoo is made from the base literally 5-10 minutes.

Orange shampoo with honey
shampoo made from organic castilian base with honey

  • 50 ml – liquid Castilian organic base Organic Liquid Castile Soap Base
  • 50 ml – purified water
  • 20 ml – liquid honey
  • 1 teaspoon – essential oil of orange
  • ½ tsp – vanilla essential oil

Honey shampoo recipe:

  1. Heat water in a water bath or in a microwave to 40-50 degrees.
  2. Add honey to the heated water and stir to get a homogeneous mass.
  3. Pour honey water into the bottle in which the shampoo will be stored.
  4. Add honey and essential oils to honey water.
  5. Gently mix all the ingredients in the bottle so that the shampoo does not begin to foam strongly.
  6. Your honey shampoo is ready!

DIY homemade shampoo orange

You can use this shampoo not only as a shampoo, but also as a shower gel, it is very gentle, absolutely natural with a wonderful orange-vanilla aroma. Honey gives this shampoo not only softness and moisturizing properties, but also an antibacterial effect. Since we did not add emulsifiers to the shampoo, it will eventually stratify, and therefore shake the bottle before each use.

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