This soap from the base is one of the simplest in terms of curly fill or layer-by-layer fill. If you want to try to do something unusual, but you have not tried to do a few layers in the soap yet, read this master class, watch the video and you will definitely succeed. View of the soap festive elegant. You can use the same method for a form of another kind, and you will get the same interesting result. We flavor the soap with an essential oil, which adds a special benefit to it.


The recipe for an orange soap from the base with your own hands

  • 100 gr. Crystal CCA Organic Soap Base – Carrot, Cucumber & AloeVera
  • Pearlescent pigment dye gold
  • 10 drops – essential oil – sweet orange
  • ½ tsp – wheat germ base oil
  • Bow shape
    All the ingredients were purchased at the store

How to make orange soap from the base

  1. Prepare all the ingredients, you will need to act quickly enough, so make it so that everything is at hand. Measure out the right amount of base and cut it into small identical cubes.
  2. Melt the chopped base in a water bath or microwave. Do not bring to a boil, mix constantly, so that the base melts evenly.
  3. While the base is melting, pour golden pearl into a small container, add base oil to it and mix thoroughly until you get a uniform consistency.
  4. In the diluted nacre, add the melted base, mix thoroughly, so that the color was solid. Sprinkle the form with alcohol and pour the base into the form, so that the base covers the bow completely.
  5. When the base in the mold hardens, cut off the excess soap, use a cotton swab so that the bow looks neat and scratch the surface with a fork or toothpick for better adhesion of the layers.
  6. In the melted base, add essential oil of orange. Sprinkle the form with alcohol and pour the base. Sprinkle the surface again with alcohol to remove bubbles. After pouring the form do not move, so that the surface of the soap was smooth, without waves.
  7. An hour later, remove the soap from the mold. Now finish decorating your orange soap from a self-made base. Rub the mother of pearl in a bow and ribbons, for additional flicker.

How to make an orange soap from the foundation with your own hands


As a result, you get not only a beautiful soap with a pleasant shimmer, which your relatives will surely like, but also a useful soap, because we used a special base made on the basis of aloe vera, carrot and cucumber extracts. This soap will be great to clean, smell good and have a gentle foam of medium profusion. The main thing a couple of hours after preparation, pack the soap in cling film. Aroma-flavored essential oil loses its aromatic properties more quickly if not packaged properly.