You have probably heard about the effects of essential oils not only on the condition of the skin but also on overall health. You will be surprised at the number of diseases that can be cured with the use of essential oils. Immediately it is worth noting that all the recipes that will be given below are used exclusively for adults and children not younger than 12 years old. For older people and children, we recommend reducing the dosage by 3-4 times.

Before using essential oils, be sure to familiarize yourself with the possible side effects. Remember that using aromatherapy, it is recommended to increase the use of water.

Essential oils under stress and depression

bath with essential oilsStress and depression you can cure by combining essential oil of orange and lavender. You can replace lavender with ylang-ylang essential oil, eucalyptus, geranium, patchouli or neroli. Apply this combination should be on the hair or on the reflex points. In addition, you can take aroma baths with these essential oils and use them in aroma lamps. Apply 21 days, and after that take a ten-day break.

Essential Oils for Immunity

To enhance immunity, massage of the feet and palm active points with essential oil of tea tree, orange, thyme, basil, sage and lemon is done. Do not forget about the miraculous effects of eucalyptus essential oil on the health and immunity of an adult. For a massage, make an oil: 50-60 ml of base oil and 12 drops of a composition of 3-4 of the above oils or just one essential oil. Massage with the same oil for 21 days.

In the oil burner add 2 drops of essential oil per 5 square meters of floor space.

Essential oils for constipation

When constipation should be mixed in 1 tablespoon of milk or some other fermented milk product 1 drop of orange, or fennel, or rosemary. Take inside should be immediately after a meal, 2 times a day and drink down with one glass of liquid.

Essential oils for headaches

Headaches earthenware lampthere are different nature and therefore will help different essential oils. Immediately it is necessary to determine why your head ache, and then choose one of the ways to use essential oils. You can use an aroma lamp with mixtures of 2 or 3 oils, make massage oil – add 30 drops of the necessary essential oil or a mixture of them to 30 ml of base oil. Massage oil should be applied to the “third eye area”, the back of the head and temples. The course of treatment is 21 days, followed by a 10 day break. And so we determine what essential oil you need:

  • The pain associated with cycling on problems and internal dialogue – mint, rosemary, lemon, basil
  • Pain due to hormonal disorders – geranium, mint
  • Spasmodic pains – ylang-ylang, lavender, mint

Essential oils for the treatment of joints, arthrosis, arthritis

If you have joint problems, arthrosis or arthritis, then you can get compresses and aroma baths from one tablespoon of vodka, the same amount of base oil and 5 drops of essential oil of tea tree, lavender or cloves, basil, juniper berries. The course of such procedures is recommended to make 5-7 procedures, then take a break of 10 days.

Essential oils from insects

insect essential oilsTo repel insects, use aroma lamps, which add a mixture of essential oils of lavender, geranium, tea tree, cloves in equal quantities.

Antiviral essential oils

Antiviral effects will have the essential oil of basil, lemon, thyme or citronella. Take these essential oils should be 1 drop inside, adding to one tablespoon of milk or any other fermented milk product no more than 10 days twice a day. You can also lubricate your lymph nodes at night with a mixture of oils, adding 9 drops of essential oils to 30 ml of base oil.

Antibacterial essential oils

Antibacterial action has oils of berries of juniper, ylang-ylang, sage, eucalyptus, fennel, melissa, mint, basil, tea tree, orange, patchouli. With a mixture of 2-3 oils a drop of each and 3 teaspoons of base oil, you can lubricate the lymph nodes at night. Repeat the procedure for no more than 10 days.

The most effective antibacterial blends are basil + lavender + lemon, tea tree + lavender + lemon, thyme + lavender + lemon.

Essential oils from fungus

Antifungal effects are essential oils of tea tree, sage, basil, thyme, geranium, patchouli, lavender and mint. You can apply by means of aromavannes, adding to them mixtures of essential oils.

If you want to use a natural wound healing agent, then we advise you to pay attention to the essential oils of rosemary, lavender, tea tree and fennel.

In the aroma bath add 5-6 drops of essential oil mixed with salt, milk or honey.

Oils for hypertension

In case of hypertension, you should take aromatherapy and massage with essential oils of ylang-ylang, citronella, orange, juniper, fennel, lemon, mint. Make a massage oil with your own hands – to 50 ml of base oil, add 16 drops of one or a composition of 2-3 essential oils.

Help with burns

Burns can be cured with lavender or tea tree essential oil. They are best applied in pure form to the wound. Geranium oil should be diluted with a base.

Help with poisoning

When food and alcohol poisoning, add 2 drops of lemon or fennel essential oil to a cube of sugar. In case of emergency, increase the dosage to 7 drops. However, do not forget that in these cases it is better to contact a doctor for help.

Essential oils for rhinitis

essential oil inhalationA runny nose will also help cure the essential oils. As you know, different nasal secretions have a different nature, and therefore treatment methods are different. Use oils as drops and for inhalation. If you have:

  • the onset of a cold and a runny nose started – dilute such a composition in 30 ml, three drops: basil + lavender + tea tree + eucalyptus
  • thick green discharge – helps the essential oils of basil, sage, lavender
  • stuffy nose – use sage, juniper, geranium, and inhalation with rosemary and thyme.

Toothache Essential Oils

For toothache, drop a pure ethereal little basil, tea tree, or clove into the tooth.

Essential oils for herpes

Herpes are treated with tea tree essential oil, they need to be lubricated not only by the affected area, or taken orally with 1 drop per 1 tablespoon of milk or any other fermented milk product.

Barley and conjunctivitis treatment

Also, barley and conjunctivitis are treated with tea tree essential oil. In this case, dilute 2 drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of the base and lubricate the eyelids with this mixture, however, you must carefully monitor that the oil does not fall into the eyes.

aroma bath with essential oils

If you had a hard day and you suffer from mental fatigue, you can safely make yourself aromatized from the essential oil of basil or lemon. With fatigue you will help the essential oil of lemon, jasmine and lavender. The same oils can fill aromalampy or do massage oils.

Aromatherapy is an extensive science that will help you use fragrances to cure diseases. Use essential oils and enjoy the treatment, but always remember that some oils can cause allergies and have contraindications. In one of our articles, we have already raised this topic – the effect of essential oil.

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