Home-made appetizing looks soap in the form of desserts, cookies, cake and other vkusnyashek. In this workshop, we want to share with you our ideas on how to make packaging for soap desserts in the form of a bright polka dot teapot.

For the teapot handbag, we need:


  1. Cardboard bright red color A4, 1 leaf.
  2. White cardboard, 1 sheet of A4.
  3. Ruler and pencil.
  4. Ruler with circles of small diameters.
  5. PVA glue.
  6. Tselofan transparent, a small piece.
  7. Plain and double adhesive tape.
  8. Self-adhesive strasics.
  9. A thin red ribbon 15-20 cm long.
  10. Scissors.

Packing template for soap:

  1. Our teapot handbag consists of a box with a handle and a decorative teapot. To begin with, we will make the box blank, for clarity, everything is painted on a piece of paper in a cage. Workpiece 1 – box, workpiece 2 – pen.
    Cardboard box blank template
  2. Transfer pattern 1 to white cardboard and cut along solid lines.
  3. From transparent cellophane, cut squares 4cm × 4cm and using adhesive tape to glue the blank windows.

DIY packaging for your own hands

Carton packaging template

Template for making packaging

  1. Bend the boxes along the dotted lines of the template until we glue them together.
    Blank for cardboard packaging
  2. We cut out from the red cardboard any number of peas with a diameter of 0.5-1.0 cm and glue it, as shown in the photo.

Packaging template for soap

Packing template for sweets

  1. We set aside for the time the blank box and proceed to the teapot, the template and dimensions of which are depicted on the leaf in the box.
    Template instruction packaging for sweets
  2. We transfer element 3 to the scarlet cardboard, not forgetting to make 2 blanks, turned towards each other in a mirror image.

Template for making packaging for sweets and cookies

Blank for making packaging for sweets and biscuits

  1. With the help of a black pen, let’s add a volume to the cup, for this we apply one blank to another and draw around it, i.e. select the spout on one and the second blank.

Packing template for candy and cookies

Candy Packaging Template

Gift Wrapping Template

  1. Cut out 4 pieces of white cardboard – peas with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm and glue. On the spout we glued the circles, deliberately protruding beyond the edges, cutting off the protruding parts, and the drawing on the teapot looks more realistic.

Cardboard packaging template

Carton packaging blank

Making packaging for sweets do it yourself

  1. We connect the blanks of the box and teapots among themselves with the help of glue or double-sided tape.

Instructions for making boxes for chocolates

Box template for sweets and cookies

  1. In principle, it is already bright, but we will add more self-adhesive straziki, tightly pressing them around the window and on the top pea on the lid.
    Cardboard box template for sweets
  2. We collect the box-kettle and glue on the folds.
    Template box-kettle
  3. Cut out a red cardboard handle 2 cm wide, 25-29 cm long, (on the side of A4 cardboard), glue it.
  4. We pass the solemn ribbon and tie a bow.Box teapot for sweets

Handmade cardboard gift wrap:

Such a handbag is an excellent packaging for a cupcake basket of soap, soap biscuits, and for many other goodies made with love with your own hands. Through the transparent window you can see the contents of the box, which can not fail to attract the attention of future buyers of your soap masterpieces.
Packing for handmade sweets

Packaging for sweets and cookies with their own hands

Cardboard box for handmade sweets