Titanium dioxide (formula titanium dioxide – TiO2) is a food dye of titanium dioxide E171 in the form of a fine powder used in the creation of medicines, food products and high-quality cosmetics. And so, let’s take a closer look at what titanium dioxide is and how it will be useful to us in the soapmaker’s career.

E171 titanium dioxide

Not surprisingly, titanium dioxide has also been used for soap. Such a powder is used for dyeing transparent soap bases, varying its concentration, increasing the “haze” from translucent haze to milky whiteness. In fact, titanium dioxide in soap making is a dye, or to be exact, a pigment.

white base for soap

Dosages in soap are minimal. It is permissible to add 0.5% titanium dioxide to the transparent soap base of good quality, i.e. very little. So you bought a bottle filled with such a powder, will serve you for a long time.

Properties and application of titanium dioxide

As a chemical element, titanium dioxide has many properties, but the most important to us, as mylovaram – it is quite high bleaching ability, chemical resistance, so we can call it pigment, as well as absolute non-toxicity. Titanium dioxide is used not only in cosmetics and soap production, but also in the food industry. According to the results of research, titanium dioxide is absolutely not harmful component, it does not react with the fluids in our body and is not deposited in the tissues.

How to dilute titanium dioxide in soap?

Easy peasy. It is recommended to grind it with oil, in glycerin or water in a small amount, and already in such a diluted state add to a transparent soap base, achieving the desired density of opacity. But be sure to ask before preparing soap how to develop titanium dioxide. If you do not pre-make such a suspension, but add titanium dioxide directly to the soap base, then the undissolved powder particles will settle in treacherous lumps at the bottom of the cast form.

Armed with uncomplicated knowledge, you can easily cope with this component of your future masterpiece.

What can be made of a white base? Of course, a beautiful and healthy soap, for example, a recipe for this soap: Grapefruit soap with Himalayan salt.