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You have probably heard about the effectiveness of essential oils in the fight against cellulite. If you seriously decide to take care of yourself, then use our tips and you will get an excellent result. Essential oils are definitely not a panacea, this is only one of the methods that you should use along with sports and nutrition. Beauty and taut figure is a lifestyle, and therefore enter as a rule for yourself – to care for yourself and love yourself. Well, and then immediately take on the essential oils.

The main thing in this case is patience and regularity, as well as a great desire to once and for all get rid of such a hated “orange peel”. Also alternate massages with wraps, take aroma baths and add essential oils to the aroma lamp.

Essential oils from cellulite

aromatherapy, body massageImmediately, we note – essential oils give aromas that should bring pleasure, in addition, some have their own contraindications. Therefore, collect your own ethereal composition yourself, and our articles will be a hint for you: Effect of essential oils and How to combine essential oils. In the first article you can see the contraindications, and the second will help to make the perfect aromatic composition.

What essential oils help against cellulite

If you want to improve venous blood circulation, then you should purchase the essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree, cedar, cypress, valerian, ginger.

To accelerate the outflow of lymphatic fluid, use the essential oil of geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, cusparian, Himalayan cedar, chamomile.

If you want to achieve a diuretic effect and also get rid of excess fluid, use the essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot, Italian immortelle, juniper and fennel.

The lipolytic effect or if it is easier to release fat will have the essential oils of lemon, sage, peppermint, geranium, Altai cedar and cypress.

Essential oils in the fight against cellulite

essential oils, a plate with water, flowersFor massage and wrappings, your chosen essential oils should be added to the base oil. Here we recommend choosing either olive or sunflower, the first one helps very well to tighten the skin. Or choose one of the base oils, which also contributes to your fight against cellulite:

  • Avocado oil – if you have sensitive and dry skin, it will soften and help essential oils reach their destination.
  • Grape seed – if there are stretch marks or scars on the skin, it promotes regeneration
  • Rosehip oil – for faded skin and skin with scars and stretch marks
  • Jojoba oil – has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Anti-cellulite massage at home

You will be surprised how much a positive massage with aroma oils influences the skin. For this you will need to make an aroma oil with your own hands. But do the massage yourself carefully, so that you can earn new stretch marks due to lack of knowledge of the technology. It is better to use the services of a massage therapist and offer him to use your massage oil.

Anti-cellulite wrap at home

slimming oilsThere are a lot of recipes for wrapping. The principle of wrappings is simple – you make a mash, which you put on heated slightly moist skin, and wrap with cling film over the top and lie under a blanket. The basis for the mixture itself can be clay, cinnamon, coffee grounds, honey, and algae. To this base you add selected essential oils. It should be divided into three types according to the principle of action and objectives, it is:

  • Thermogenic – essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, mint – will help to lose centimeters immediately and further with a regular repetition of the wrap to lose weight.
    Anti-cellulite wrap – use cypress, thyme, patchouli, cedar, sage ethers – you will not lose weight, but the skin in problem areas will become more smooth and even.
    Diuretic wrapping – grapefruit, cypress, celery, lemon, juniper – quickly lose moisture, but within a day it fills up, should be used in conjunction with proper nutrition.

How to make aroma oil?

Essential oils applied pure to the skin can cause a burn, and since these are volatile substances, they can evaporate before they have time to work. Therefore, be sure to mix essential oils with base oils, so you will get fragrant oil. Select the desired composition of essential oils and base oil. The main principle is to choose such ethers that will not interfere with the action of others. For this, it is better to choose essential oils, for example, to accelerate the outflow of the bodice and the diuretic effect.

If you need to mix essential oils with a base oil – immediately mix essential oils, then add a base oil to them!

You need to store aroma oils in tightly closed glass, dark bottles, as esters are volatile and exposed to ultraviolet rays!

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