In this article we will talk about the dosages of essential oils in soap and talk about their use in soap making.

Essential oils in soap making

Essential oils for handmade soap, essential oil for soap from the baseIt is an amazingly fragrant and healthy ingredient. EMs are very concentrated products, so it is worth adding them with care, following the instructions and not exceeding the specified norms. This is usually an average of 5 ml per 100 grams of base, or from 1 to 7 ml per 100 grams of soap from scratch. An excess of essential oils can cause an allergic reaction, a burn, soap will begin to crumble or change color.

So that the fragrance of the essential oil has already been completely played, it is added to the cooled soap base only at the last moment, before pouring into molds. A too hot base will simply kill the vulnerable miraculous elixir.

Essential oils for handmade soap

Citrus essential oils, lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon behave gratefully in the soap bases.

Keeping quickly volatile citrus aromas will help their combination with the esters of the wood group, as well as complete with lemongrass, citronelus from the citrus group of the essential oils compatibility table.

Essential oils of spicy and woody groups smell elegantly: nutmeg, anise, cinnamon.

How much essential oil to add to soap

Consider how much essential oil to add to the soap.

Essential oils in the soap from the base add from 1 to 4% in a non-hot base, the percentage of input depends on the effectiveness of the essential oil.

Essential oils in soap are added from scratch, depending on the type of volatile ether, mixed with soap oils from scratch, added to the basic composition, can be added separately, before spreading it over the molds:

– 0.5-1% – volatile / heavy essential oils (cedar, neroli, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose)

– 1.5-3% – essential oils of medium volatility (spruce, geranium, mint, rosemary)

– up to 7-10% – light essential oils (citrus, tea tree, sage, basil, eucalyptus)

Attention! This dosage concerns only soap from scratch, for cosmetics it is a very large dosage.

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