Soap with signs of the zodiac is relevant all year round, because it is not necessary to give it only for a birthday. This type of soap is popular among soap makers who prepare soap for gifts and for sale. For soap-zodiac perfect packaging color of the night sky. We want to share with you how to make a stylish box for mini soap with your own hands. In our version will be offered the sign of the zodiac – Sagittarius, resilient traveler and getter.

For the soap box you will need:

Materials for making boxes for soap

  1. 1 A4 sheet of dark cardboard the color of the starry sky (black, dark blue or purple).
  2. 1 sheet of A5 foil paperboard (silver or gold).
  3. Ruler.
  4. Pencil.
  5. PVA glue and / or double sided tape.
  6. Scissors and / or stationery knife.
  7. Hole puncher.
  8. Stapler.
  9. Pebbles self-bonding.
  10. Thin ribbon in the tone of the pebbles and foil cardboard – 20-30 cm
  11. Schematic representation of the selected zodiac sign.
  12. Needle or awl.

Soap Box Template

1. We draw a template of our box, which fits entirely on A4-size cardboard, due to its overall dimensions of 18cm × 25cm. At the base of our box is a square of 7cm × 7cm. Pay attention to this, this is a mini soap box, not more than 6.5 cm × 6.5 cm. If your soaps are larger, simply scale up the stock.

Template making boxes for soap

Cardboard template for soap packaging

2. We transfer the template to the cardboard, cut it out along the solid lines, fold it along the dotted lines, until we glue them together.

3. Draw and cut a window out of shiny cardboard – this is a decorative element on the lid of the box.

4. Glue the shiny window on the lid box.

Template for making the box do it yourself

Making home packaging for soap

Making packaging for handmade soap

5. We print out or draw on paper the chosen sign of the zodiac and cut it out. The zodiac should be placed in the window, i.e. in a square 5cm × 5cm. For clarity, recall how the signs of the zodiac look.

Zodiac signs

6. We attach the image to the lid and with the help of a needle or sewed we punch out the drawing – the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius, in this case.

Making a box with the image of Sagittarius

A box with the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius

7. We remove the leaf with the sign of the zodiac and begin to spread it with self-adhesive stones with the trace left from the needle, pressing it down well.

Production of packaging for soap Sagittarius

Packaging for soap Sagittarius

8. Using the hole punch, make one hole on the flap of the tape cover.

9. Stapler attach the tape to the opposite edge.

Packaging for soap at home

Packaging for soap at home

10. Finally, we collect the boxes and glue them with glue or double-sided tape.

11. The box is ready, it can be decorated with soap, made using the Zodiac signs form, themed soap with water-soluble pictures, soap for cutting or any other mini soap made by your own hands.

12. The final touch, pass both ends of the ribbon into the hole and tie a bow. Elegant gift is ready!

Packing for soap with the image of the sign Sagittarius

Box for soap SagittariusPackaging under the sign of SagittariusHandmade soap packaging