Forms for the manufacture of handmade soap, necessary as air attributes of the successful solidification of the next masterpiece. Experienced soap makers and those who have recently become acquainted with the art of soap making know it, and have fallen in love with it, like us.

At the beginning of your creativity you will need 1-2 forms for soap, with the help of which you will begin to hone your skills. However, the process is so fascinating that the soap molds want to buy and buy.

Sometimes available tools come to the rescue as molds for soap, which it is not a pity to part with. These are homemade soap tins made from an empty carton of milk, plastic cups, p / e disposable sudochkov, etc. To get a frozen piece of soap, cut the cardboard or plastic and remove the finished soap dish.

When you are comfortable, you will gradually buy more small and large molds for making handmade soap.

Soap molds

Silicone and plastic molds for soap

Formers for soap, the photos of which flooded the Internet, this is the realm of all sorts of reliefs created to fill a different type of soap.

There are molds for soap:

  • plastic 2d and 3d
  • silicone 2D and 3D
  • mold plates (conventional and mini)

In turn, the volume of the soap base, poured into the form, are distinguished:

  • mini molds for soap (fruits, berries, letters)
  • molds for 60-100 grams of soap
  • large silicone molds for chopped soap, weighing 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, etc.

Beautiful soap is poured into silicone molds for 3D soap. This is Teddy Bear’s unmatched soap, in the form of bulk flowers and the current bulk soap in 2016 – the monkey.

All these molds have their own price category, from cheap plastic forms, to expensive 3D elite forms made of silicone.

Soap makers, having some experience in working with a soap base, have figured out in such a simple endeavor as the manufacture of silicone molds with their own hands. As a result, they create an unusual form for soap made of silicone sealant, which could not be bought, or there were no such forms at all.

3D soap molds

Christmas soap molds

Long before the onset of the New Year holidays masters take orders for soap and make it in large quantities, using all sorts of New Year’s molds for soap. If you have not had time to make a few pieces of soap for your loved ones and for yourself, it does not matter.

Soap making molds

The site with their own hands are great ideas for pouring New Year’s soap. Here you will find recipes, and master classes on pouring Christmas soap in simple forms, and in 2D forms for soap Christmas trees, monkeys with a banana and others. Such a soap speaks for itself and is immediately both a gift, and a greeting card, and not an irreplaceable natural hand-made cosmetic.

Let molds for soap inspire you to create new masterpieces, and this year, of course, will be even better than the previous one.