This is not the most difficult thing that you may encounter in the soap making process. However, they decided to show you an example. I made a year ago soap, which for some strange reason fell on a shelf in a corner. Over time, the smell disappeared, and the soap itself was quite suitable. So, to use it was still nice, I decided to add a little flavor. In general, there are enough reasons to digest the soap, besides the lack of the desired aroma, it may not be the right color, lack of suds, scrubbing element and many others.

To digest soap need?

necessary set for overdrying soap from the base with your own hands

  • soap you want to digest
  • the ingredients you want to add (I have flavor)
  • water bath

How to digest soap:

  1. To begin, determine exactly what properties you want to add your already prepared soap. In our case it is a scent.
  2. Cut the soap into pieces, about the same size as for making traditional soap from the base.base diced soap
  3. Prepare a water bath or microwave and melt the soap to a liquid consistency.
    soap in the water bath do it yourself
  4. Be careful! Soap when overcooking seizes almost instantly, and therefore prepare all the ingredients.
  5. Stir the base and add the desired ingredient, in our case it is perfume and mix thoroughly again.
  6. Sprinkle with alcohol and you can pour your updated to pour melted soap from the base into the form
  7. Again, sprinkle the surface of the soap with alcohol to remove the bubbles and let it cool.

Cook soap from the base

The soap itself was originally prepared from a goat milk base, and therefore it softens the skin perfectly, and thanks to a new fragrance, the bathroom also smells sweet.