We found this unusual way on one English-language website, http://auntieclaras.com/2015/03/oh-oval-oval-soap-mould-tutorial/, could not resist and translated it for you. Soaps are very neat and beautiful, and most importantly, you can do so quite a large batch. Materials for this form are inexpensive and quite possible, your husband already has everything you need on the balcony. And so you will need to make a mold for your own hands:

Handmade soap molds

  • PVC reinforced pipe
    • wall thickness 3.5 mm
    • pipe diameter – we have a pipe with a diameter of 75 mm, and so on your discretion, depending on the diameter of the expected soap
    • pipe length – depends on the capacity of your oven, and your personal preferences.
  • Board length of pipe cut 10 cm
  • Two of the same height stand.
  • Non-slip mat / mat
  • Two plastic oval discs, one of smooth plastic, the second of corrugated. Can be cut from ice cream packaging.
  • Blue Tack’s adhesive mass (Blue Tack) or clay

Oval shape for soap with your own hands:

  1. Cut the pipe neatly at a right angle, as the shape made from this pipe will stand on the cut end in the future. Also, the cut should be as smooth as possible to improve the adhesion with the attached seal. If necessary, rub the horses with sandpaper.
    Oval molds for soap
  2. Preheat your oven to 120 ° C and place your cut pipe into it for 15 minutes. This will soften the pipe.
    Remember! When heating a PVC pipe, emit specific gases that are harmful to health, therefore, work in a mask and gloves, remove children and animals from the kitchen, and ventilate the room.
  1. Prepare the press, it should evenly press on the entire pipe. If one of the ends is already or a dent in the middle of the pipe turns out, then the soap cannot be removed from the mold.
  2. To make sure that the pressure is distributed evenly, put two forms, as in the photo, on the mat, so that the whole structure does not move. Their height should correspond to the level to which you want to compress the pipe. Handmade soap molds
  3. After pulling the tube out of the oven, work neatly but quickly. Put a hot pipe between the guides, put your press on top and press it until the board lies on your guides, and the pipe accordingly takes the shape you need. Hold the hot pipe in this position under the pressure for several minutes until it cools.
    How to make a mold for soap
  4. After you have removed the press, you get a pipe of the desired shape.
    Form for soap at home
  5. Cut one plastic disc of corrugated cardboard the size of the inner diameter of the pipe, insert it there (it will be needed later to make it easier to remove the soap).
    DIY soap mold
  6. Cut the second plastic disc the size of the outer diameter of the pipe.
    How to make a mold for soap
  7. Insert the first smaller disk into the pipe, and glue the large disk to the pipe end with an adhesive mass, such as Blue Tack or clay.
    Original forms for soap
  8. For a more secure fit, use a plastic bag and a rubber band as shown in the photo below:
    Homemade Soap Forms

DIY Soap Forms

After pouring the soap into such a form, let it cool down immediately, then put it in the freezer for several hours (the author suggests for 6 hours). This will give the soap resistance to breakage and deformation when removed from the mold. After the tube with the soap warms up, condensation will appear inside the tube, now you can remove the plastic oval cover and the bag and press down a little, the soap goes out of the mold itself. Slice your oval soap into pieces.

Soap making molds Handmade soap molds Hand Soap Molds