You have the task to make a unique soap with an exclusive design, then there is nothing more interesting than making soap with water-soluble paper, water soluble soapon which that desired image will be applied. Especially this option is suitable for large corporate orders, although it is also good for individual ones. The picture in mylts will gradually dissolve, leaving no traces of paint on the body, because water-soluble paper for soap with your own hands consists of cellulose fiber, soda and a thickener.

Pictures for soap on water soluble paper

Where to take pictures for soap on water-soluble paper? You can purchase ready-made images in sets or individual images printed on special paper. You can create drawings, logos yourself, or find them on the Internet and print them with water-based paper on a pigment-based printer. Depending on the size of the soap on one sheet, you can print about 16 pictures. Of course, if you create a company logo, or greeting soaps for a large number of people, you can adjust the size of the picture to fit your mini-molds and print it on the right amount of water-soluble paper in the right amount. And so let’s see how to use water-soluble paper for soap.

soap book soap with a picture of a bicycle water-soluble paper soap

Soap with water-soluble paper do it yourself

Let us dwell in more detail on the stages of production, let’s look at the points of how to make soap with water-soluble paper and what is needed for this:

  1. Of course, we immediately need a water-soluble paper for soap from the soap base.
  2. Choose the picture you like on the water-soluble paper and cut the image on the soluble paper in accordance with the size of your mold, temporarily set aside.
  3. On a steam bath or in a microwave, heat a small amount of a transparent soap base, sprinkle the mold with alcohol, pour a thin layer of the transparent base into the mold and sprinkle with alcohol again, expelling air bubbles.
  4. It was the turn of the application of water-soluble images. It is necessary to pretreat it with alcohol, and then lower it “face” down into a transparent base. Well level the picture on the plane of the molds, in order to avoid air bubbles under the paper.
  5. Spray the submerged image into the mold with alcohol and fill it with the next layer, starting the fill from the center of the picture. In order to avoid the penetration of the tinted base under the picture, professionals recommend applying a thin layer of non-hot transparent base over the picture, and after it has set, apply a colored base. But this is optional. Usually the layer under the picture, and during the fill it will be a layer above the picture, make it white, and then alternate with other colors if desired.
  6. It remains to wait for the solidification of mylets and you can remove it from the molds.

How to make soap with a picture

  • We print a picture on water-soluble paper only on a pigmented ink printer. If the printer has freshly refilled cartridges, stabilize the ink distribution by printing several pages on plain paper.
  • For the top layer of soap, use a transparent, quality soap base and avoid overheating it, no matter how disappointed you are with the number of air bubbles that do not disappear even after alcohol.
  • If you add a perfume to the top layer of soap, make sure that it is transparent.
  • Do not forget to process the picture and the soap base filled with alcohol to remove air bubbles and better adhesion of the layers.
  • The soap base that will be applied on top of the image should not be too hot, so as not to melt the bottom layer and penetrate the image. Especially, it concerns those cases when the picture is filled in at once with the tinted basis.
  • Start the image from the center of the image at a small height.

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