We suggest you make a medicinal oil, or to be more precise, an oil extract of a medicinal plant or macerate.

Sage oil

The principle of macerate preparation is oil tincture on a useful part of any plant, for example, root, bud, stem. In the process of insisting all the beneficial properties are transferred to medicated oil and we get a natural oil made with our own hands. In this way, you can make chamomile, seeding, calendula, in general, exactly what you need.

How to make sage oil?

sage flowers

Immediately, we note that instead of sage, you can take any other herb. The essence of production remains the same, but in the end you get a wonderful, healthy oil. Choose one of two ways and start creating 😉

Long way Pour the herbs of your choice into a clean container and pour the oil so that it completely covers them. Oil is better to choose olive or grape seed, this oil is stored longer. Although you can insist macerate in general on any base oil. Place the container in a dark place for 14 days. Occasionally check the oil level, and shake the container, if the oil is less, add it. After 2 weeks, strain the oil and pour it into a container with a tight-fitting lid! Feel free to use it not only in personal care and but also to improve your health. Keep the macerate in a dark place.

You can insist both dry and fresh herbs!

maceratum with rose petals

Quick way. This method will take you 3-4 hours, but you can use sage oil almost immediately. The beginning is the same as in the previous method – fill the selected herbs with the necessary base oil. Next you need to put the resulting infusion put in a water bath, make sure that the oil temperature does not rise more than 50 degrees and thus keep the oil on the stove for up to 4 hours. Put the oil in the bath in a jar, put a napkin or paper towel on the jar, and put a lid on it. In this way, condensation that forms will not get into the oil.

To choose exactly the base oil that suits you, read the article – How to choose the base oil for the skin type.

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