One of the types of decorating soap is decoupage, this design of handmade soap with the help of small fragments of decorative napkins. The process is so simple and fascinating that even a child can handle it.

The easiest way to decorate soap is when a napkin is applied to a ready-made bar of soap from scratch or from the base. For this, a vending fragment of a napkin corresponding to the size of the soap is cut out. Only the top color layer exfoliates. Next, we moisten a wide small brush with plain water and smooth the napkin to the soap. That’s all, the quick decor of the soap with a napkin is ready.

Another way, suitable for soap from the base, according to the method of pouring soap with water-soluble paper. Here we do the same. At the bottom of the flat mold, pour a transparent layer with a thin layer, pshikayem alcohol from the bubbles. We are waiting for the base to harden, put the tissue fragment face down. Fill the top with a thin layer of transparent base, rid of alcohol from the bubbles. Next, after solidification of the transparent layer, fill in the remaining white or color base, wait for solidification. Soap with a napkin inside is ready.

Making handmade soap

Making handmade soap

Even in the most common form there can be a charming soap, if it is beautifully decorated. Decorating soap with your own hands can begin at the stage of pouring.

For this purpose they make:

  • all sorts of soap with water-soluble pictures
    with the melting of smaller soapy parts into soap of large forms
    with toys inside the soap
    with dried flower buds
    using decorative stamps
    with shiny glitters

Soap decoration

Soap making

Decorating a ready-made soap gift, has a lot of options:

  • decoupage homemade soap
  • decoration soap ribbons
  • packaging soap in decorative boxes do it yourself
  • packaging in organza, sial and festive wrapping paper
  • decorating soap in transparent bags with the addition of thematic decorations (flowers, cones, decorative snowflakes)

How to pack handmade soap?

Making handmade soap for the New Year is a magical process to create an incredible fairy tale. For a holiday soap, a large number of charming New Year’s forms and no less ways of pouring have been invented. Even rich aromas of ripe mandarins in the form of fragrances and essential oils will decorate the New Year’s soap, and shiny glitters will add magic and jewels.

Christmas decoration soap

Beautiful packaging, this is an additional decoration of handmade soap. Photo, templates and master classes on making New Year’s packaging are presented on the site The hands in the form of creative boxes, handbags and sachets for gift Christmas soap.

Gift Soap

Many options, be inspired and work wonders.