olive oil soap from scratch do it yourselfCastile soap is a classic that has come from the times of medieval Europe, from Spanish Castile. Truly noble Castilian soap consists of olive oil, water and alkali. It is the absence of thickeners, fragrances and dyes that makes mycelza a hypoallergenic, cool moisturizer, suitable even for bathing babies. The olive oil included in the soap is a champion in oleic acid content (up to 85%), which is responsible for moisturizing and softening the skin. Castile soap is also the simplest approach, how to master the technique of getting soap from scratch in a cold way.

Castilian soap recipe from scratch in a cold way

olive oil on white background

  • Olive oil (better than Extra Virgin) – 200 g (12% perm)
  • Water – 95.2 g
  • Alkali – 23.7 g

Castilian soap do it yourself:

  1. Observing all the safety measures, we make an alkaline solution. To do this, carefully add the necessary amount of alkali to the measured volume of ice water. While there is a chemical reaction with the release of heat, leave the solution for a while.
  2. Measure out the specified volume of olive oil at room temperature.
  3. When the alkaline solution has cooled and approximately equals the temperature with olive oil, we introduce the solution into the oil.
  4. First, mix with a spoon or spatula by hand, then use a blender. The soap base, practically from olive oil, reaches the “wake” sluggishly, up to half an hour, although it can come out more lively.olive oil soap recipe in stages
  5. Observe the soap mass, sometimes even after the appearance of the “trace” the oil with alkali can separate again after a couple of minutes, and you need to mix it again.
  6. We shift the finished base into a large shape for cutting or small portioned molds, tapping them from all sides, in order to avoid voids and air bubbles. We wrap up the forms and put them in a cushy place in order to go through the gel stage.
  7. Natural Castilian soap hardens from scratch not quickly, it will take 5-7 days before it can be removed from the molds.
  8. In a week, we will get the soap out of the molds, cut it into pieces if necessary, wrap it in parchment paper and leave it to ripen.
  9. Castile soap with their own hands made in a cold way should “rest” for at least 2-3 months. But if you want to enjoy the royal rich properties of this soap, show a noble endurance for at least 1 year..soap from scratch classic castilian

Castile soap from scratch

Perhaps that is why this soap is compared with expensive cheeses or good wines, whose beneficial properties are revealed with age. Well, the result will pleasantly please you with a characteristic small, delicate creamy skin, pleasantly gliding over the skin. In addition, matured soap is more economical to use. Castile soap from scratch can also be cooked in a hot way, we will tell about it in the following articles 🙂 Maybe you also had old Castilian soap and you could not help asking how to make a new Castilian soap? We will certainly cover such nuances of soap making in future articles. If you are urgently interested in any questions – write in the comments, we will try to give exhaustive answers.