Fragrant vanilla soap will be a great, useful gift, and maybe it is suitable for your skin. Scrubbing effect is very light. suitable for combination and dry skin.

Handmade coffee soap:

  • 100 grams – soap base in our English based on Shea butter
  • 1 teaspoon – ground black coffee
  • 3 drops – vanilla flavoring

Coffee Soap Recipe:

  1. Measure the soap base on the kitchen scale and cut into small cubes.
    White base diced in black bowl
  2. In a water bath or in a microwave, melt the chopped soap base without boiling.
  3. Once the base has melted, pour in the ground coffee and mix thoroughly, so that there are no lumps and clots, until a homogeneous mass.
    adding coffee to a liquid soap base
  4. After removing the mass from the water bath (if you drowned the base on it), add flavoring. You can increase the amount of flavoring if you want a more intense smell.
    coffee mass of soap base and ground coffee
  5. You can pour molten soap into the molds. Sprinkle the soap with alcohol to get rid of the bubbles, wait until the soap has cooled for 2-3 hours and can get it.
    soap base with coffee in square shape with your own hands

Coffee soap scrub do it yourself

Coffee will give the soap a more beautiful shade of coffee with milk. The aroma is sweetish. Scrubbing effect is light. An important detail – if you do not mix the mass before pouring into the mold, the coffee will settle down the soap. The base oil in this recipe can not be added, since we used a base on the basis of shea butter, it gives sufficient moisture and nutrition.

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