A wonderful tradition to give paired wedding gifts, friends and lovers inspired us to create a package with hearts in red and white colors. You can pack anything you like in such paper boxes: handmade soaps, home-made sweets, delicate confessions for Valentine’s Day, hand-written and even expensive gifts. Romantic hearts on packages of contrasting colors, evoke pleasant emotions and create a good mood in the process of presenting the gift to the addressee and the one who gives his love.

How to make a box for a gift with your own hands

How to make a box for a gift

For boxes with hearts you will need:

  1. A4 white cardboard
  2. A4 leaf red cardboard
  3. White napkin
  4. Red napkin
  5. Ruler, scissors, pencil
  6. PVA glue
  7. Double sided tape
  8. Glitter Glue

Gift wrapping for February 14 in the form of a heart:

  1. For clarity, we construct a square packaging template on a piece of paper in a cage. The box is a square 8cm × 8cm, 4 cm high. If you have a gift a little more than the proposed layout, just add proportionally a few centimeters from all sides.
    DIY packaging templates
  2. We transfer the template to red cardboard.
    Packing Boxes Templates
  3. We cut along the solid lines, and mark the bend along the dotted lines. To do this, draw a solid line under the ruler with the blunt side of the scissors. We bend all the openings and edges of the paper gift box. Apply glue or double sided tape on the sides in 6 places, as indicated on the photo of the package with your own hands.
    Packaging for DIY gift templates
  4. We also do the same with white cardboard, first we transfer the template, cut, fold and attach double-sided tape.
  5. We collect 2 packages for paired gifts: red for Him, white for Her. Well, or vice versa, as someone like.
    DIY cardboard boxDIY gift boxes
  6. Begin to decorate the boxes. We need a paper heart pattern. To do this, cut a square of 8 cm × 8 cm, fold it in half and draw a half of the heart. Expand and get a template-blank.
    Paper heart patterns
  7. We transfer the template to the red and white cardboard and cut 2 hearts. We put them to the boxes, fit perfectly. You can, in principle, leave and so, stick them and boxes for lovers are ready. However, we will not stick yet.
    Box on February 14 do it yourself
  8. We continue to decorate the hearts. To do this, take a napkin and cut it first into strips, and then into squares measuring 1.5 cm × 1.5 cm. If three-layer napkins do not need to be disassembled, so the flowers will come out in bulk.
    How to make a box on February 14
  9. Next, use the excellent method of trimming. To do this, we take one small red square, wrap it around the blunt end of a pencil and wrinkle it a little. We moisten the napkin in the PVA and apply it to the red heart, pressing it well with a pencil. It turns out beautiful rosebuds that need to paste over the entire surface of the scarlet heart.
    Boxes templates lovers day
  10. A voluminous red heart of air from paper using PVA or double-sided tape is attached to the white box for Her, placing a little diagonal.Valentine's Day Box
  11. Similarly, we act with a white napkin, paste over a white heart and attach it to the red boxes with our own hands for Him. Placed diagonally with the sharp end of the white heart towards the red heart. Boxes for Valentine’s Day are ready.
    Box for Valentine's Day with your own hands
  12. If desired, hearts from paper roses can be decorated with small pebbles or glitter glue with your own hands.
    How to make a box for Valentine's Day
  13. We squeeze out the glue in the center of several buds, the heart of paper burned even more.
    Boxes for St. Valentine's Day
  14. For boxes you may need paper filler, which you can also make yourself. Simply cut the remaining red napkin into thin strips, shrink it a little and fill the volume of the gift box.
    Valentine's Day packaging
  15. Also, the remaining red-white napkin squares can be used as a filler.
    DIY Valentine's Day Packaging

Packing double gifts for lovers

For two boxes, you only need two leaves of cardboard, two napkins in a red and white tint, glue and scissors, and as a result you get perfect packages for gifts with your own hands for little money. Make a fresh soap for Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of the wedding or another significant day of your relationship. It is so pleasant to give presents, and giving them in such handmade boxes is doubly pleasant.
Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping

Valentine's Day packaging

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