The source of beauty for cheerfulness and healthy complexion will be prepared today in the form of frozen mint ice cubes. This is the perfect start to the day, to awaken the skin cells, using mint ice as an “alarm clock”.

The beneficial properties of peppermint, known for a long time, in the plant included by nature a whole storehouse of usefulness for the skin and for the whole organism. In mint from 2 to 6% – this is mint essential oil, in addition, resinous and tanning substances, ascorbic acid and carotene, coffee and oleanolic acid, as well as a complex of trace elements are included.

Mint for skin

Mint for the skin is an activator of metabolic processes and a blood circulation accelerator. Mint ice cubes will give youth a withering skin, smooth fine wrinkles, invigorate every cell and make it supple. Frozen mint water from dried leaves of mint, presents the skin with a radiant look on the eve of the upcoming holidays and just after a hard day’s work.

Mint Ice Cubes Recipe

Mint Ice Recipe


  • 1 tbsp. – dry mint leaves
  • 200 ml – mineral water (boiling water)

Also prepare:

  • 200 ml ice molds
  • tablespoon
  • gauze (bandage) or strainer
  • dishes with a lid or teapot

Making ice cubes from mint for the face:

1. In clean dishes pour 1 tbsp. spoon of dry mint leaves.

Mint leaves for face

2.Boil a kettle and pour mint 200 ml of boiling water.

3. Close the lid, and leave the fragrant mint water to infuse for 30-60 minutes, the longer the decoction lasts, the richer the color of mint ice.

Peppermint Mint

Mint decoction recipe

4. Strain the mint decoction through cheesecloth, squeeze the fragrant elixir from the leaves into the cup.

How to cook a decoction of mint

How to make a decoction of mint

5. Pour the mint water into the tins and send it in the freezer until it solidifies. The size of silicone pineapple molds for ice 5-6 ml, therefore, we got 3 tablets or 36 crystal pineapple mint ice.

Mint water for the face

Mint ice cubes for face

6. As required, we get 1-2 pieces of mint ice, depending on the size of the cells of the mold, and we cheer up the face with a herbal cocktail.

Mint ice for face

The result of the preparation of mint ice cubes

Mint ice gently cares for the skin, prolonging its youth. Ice cubes lightly cool the skin, there is a sharp rush of blood, there is a healthy, cheerful blush. Do not overdo it only, and do not stay long on the same area of the face and neck. To mint ice useful properties did not have time to lose in the refrigerator, try to use it for 1 week.

Mint Ice for Face

Mint Ice Cubes for Face

Use cosmetic mint ice for the face, as well as drink aromatic mint tea with the addition of frozen mint decoction. A small piece of advice, 2-3 mint ice cubes placed in a cup of hot tea, will give a wonderful aroma to the drink and will give you a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. Do-it-yourself cosmetics are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your body in good shape and prolong your youth. Pamper your skin with ice from other decoctions of plants, about the beneficial properties of which can be read on the site with your own hands.

Peppermint Ice Mint

Mint anti-wrinkle ice