Have you ever prepared a real face cream with your own hands? Worth a try, because the result will surely please you! First, let’s deal with the components of the cream.

You will need:

  • Oily Phase
  • Jojoba oil 25%
  • Wheat germ 9, 3
  • Olive oil 10%
  • Emulsifier 10%

Water phase

  • Jasmine hydrolat 33, 6%
  • Salt 0, 9%

Active phase

  • Hemp oil 3%
  • Elastin boost 0, 5%
  • Aloe vera 5%
  • Nuf 2%
  • Preservative 0, 7%

Step-by-step recipe for making face cream with your own hands:

1.Weigh the ingredients of the fatty phase in one bowl, and the aqueous phase in another container.

2. Salt in this recipe we need for the stability of the emulsion, since we work with an emulsifier like water in oil.

3. We heat our phases to 70 degrees and pour the aqueous phase into a fat one in small doses, stirring all the time with a whisk.

4. Now we are arranged more comfortably, we take a cappuccinator and interfere with minutes 15 -20 until full thickening and obtaining a stable emulsion.

5. Now you can add active substances.

6. Mix thoroughly. The cream is ready.

Recipe from Catherine Krylova – https://vk.com/mammamias