The soft texture, lavender aroma and light scrubbing effect gives the soap, which we suggest you prepare. Like most soap recipes from the base, this recipe doesn’t make you work hard, but you will definitely like the result. You prepare such soap in 15-20 minutes, but you will enjoy for several weeks at least.

For handmade lavender soap you will need:

  • 100 grams – soap base on goat milk, we have an English manufacturer
  • 1 tsp – dried lavender blossoms
  • 3-4 drops – lavender essential oil
  • square soap mold
  • stamp for soap

The recipe for lavender soap from the base:

  1. Cut the soap base into small cubes and melt in a water bath or in a microwave. It is very important not to bring the base to a boil! Otherwise, bubbles will not be removed.
  2. In the slightly cooled base, add essential oil, mix, but lightly.
  3. Now you can add dried lavender blossoms. Mix well and immediately pour into the mold, at the bottom of which is stamped. Pre-sprinkle the form with alcohol.goatsmilksoapinstructions_thumb

    Little secret! Immediately put a little of the melted base on the bottom of the mold, and then put the stamp and let it stick.

  4. After pouring the soap into the mold, sprinkle the soap with alcohol again, this will help get rid of the bubbles on the surface of the soap.

Natural lavender soap:

Lavender soap from the base do it yourselfDue to the fact that we added dried flowers to the already dried base, it can be evenly distributed over the base, however be prepared for the fact that the entire scrubbing additive will precipitate. This is due to the fact that the additives are heavier than the molten base, and the attraction of the Earth is inexorable 🙂 In general, this lavender soap is almost entirely composed of natural ingredients. However, be careful, because essential oils can cause allergies. Lavender oil is an excellent antiseptic, well heals wounds. It is better not to use such soap for the face, as scrubbing particles are rough for delicate skin.