In just 20 minutes you will be able to create an unusual lavender-sugar scrub that will make your skin tender and clean from hardened skin. This scrub can not only be used on its own, but also donated to a friend, because it will look quite original. This is a recipe worth trying. To make a lavender sugar scrub with a base

You will need:

  • Ice cube (large cubes)
  • 450 gr. – granulated sugar
  • 300 gr. – a transparent base for soap
  • 170 gr. – sweet almond oil
  • 80 gr. – glycerin
  • 11 gr. – lavender essential oil
  • Purple dye

Step-by-step recipe for lavender sugar scrub

  1. Cut the soap base into cubes and melt in a water bath or in a microwave until completely dissolved. Make sure that the base does not boil. Then add glycerin and sweet almond oil to the base and mix. The mixture will become cloudy, and the oils may rise to the surface, this is normal.
  2. Add liquid dye. If the dye does not fully dissolve in the mixture, it is necessary to break the oil drops with a whisk, so you get a uniform color.THREE-6 FOUR-6
  3. Add dye until you get the desired color. It is worth noting that when you add sugar, the mixture will become paler, so add more dye right away.FIVE-5
  4. Add lavender essential oil. While you add oil, the mixture will not harden quickly. As soon as you start adding sugar, the mass will start to solidify very quickly. Therefore, before adding sugar, bring the mixture to 50-55 degrees.
  5. Immediately prepare the molds and sprinkle them with alcohol. Add sugar to your mixture and quickly mix with a spatula.
  6. Pour the resulting mass into molds and place in a cool place for several hours until it solidifies.


As a result, you get soap cubes with a scrubbing effect. It is better to use it so with wet hands, knead the cube and apply it on a wet body. The cubes give a soft, moderate foam. After use, make the skin clean and moisturized.


The recipe is translated from the English site