Many stores sell oil for the ends of the hair. It is ideally suited for dry and split ends. However, after reading the composition, I saw there a lot of unnecessary synthetic elements that only harm the hair, creating a momentary illusion of beauty. But after all, our task is to become more healthy. So catch a recipe that is great for tips of dry hair.

Argan oil for hair

  • 50 grams – Argan oil
  • 10 drops – Ylang Ylang oil
  • 5 drops – geranium oil
  • 5 drops – walnut oil

Hair Mask Recipe with Argana

  1. Prepare a container in which you can mix all the ingredients.
  2. Drain all oils into one container, mix until homogeneous.
  3. Pour into container with dispenser.

Cosmetic oil for hair restoration

Apply this oil is better on wet hair before they are going to dry. 1-2 drops are enough, which you pre-rub on your palms. Apply the oil, holding your palms along the tips of the hair from top to bottom. Broken tips before such procedures are still better to cut, no matter how they are spoken in advertisements, they can no longer be glued together, but you can save the already updated hair ends from a subsequent section.

You can pick up oils and improvise with their combinations by reading our article on base oils and their peculiarities of influence.