Immediately we will choose the form, flavor, dye and other ingredients that we need in the preparation of our new soap.

Soap from the base with lavender

  • 68 grams of white Crystal WSLS base
    do-it-yourself soap set
  • 34 grams of transparent base Crystal SLS Free
    1/2 teaspoon of flax base oil
    20 drops of lavender essential oil
    2 drops of liquid violet pigment
    ½ teaspoon dry pearl pigment gold
    Alcohol in a spray bottle
    Form plastic Square
    Dishes for melting soap

Lavender soap recipe

1 layer

  1. Cut the entire selected base into cubes with a rib size of half a centimeter.
  2. soap base on scalesmeasure 34 grams of white base on scales.
  3. Prepare a water bath (if you will not be heated in a microwave).
  4. Melt 34 grams of white base in a water bath (as we have in the photo) or in a microwave oven (at maximum power for up to 2 minutes, stir in 30 seconds). Stir gently not quickly, otherwise bubbles may form at the base. Do not bring to a boil!
  5. While the base is being heated, ¼ tsp the dry pearlescent pigment with a part of the base oil. You will get a homogeneous mush.  pigment gold and glycerin in a teaspoongolden pigment in a teaspoon
  6. In a melted base, add a grinded pigment, 7 drops of essential oil and mix gently.
  7. Sprinkle the form with alcohol from a spray bottle.
    form for soap with your own hands in your hands
  8. Pour the resulting mass into the mold.
  9. After the base grabs, scratch the surface with a toothpick (this is necessary for the layers to adhere).yellow soap layer poured into a shape soap and toothpick

2 layer

  1. Melt 34 grams of transparent base in a water bath or in a microwave. chopped transparent soap base on kitchen scales
  2. When the base has melted, add 2 drops of liquid violet pigment and stir until smooth..  the dye is introduced into the transparent base dye in a soap base in a water bath
  3. Add a portion of the base oil and 7 drops of essential oil, stir again.
  4. Sprinkle the surface of the previous layer with alcohol, for better adhesion.
    purple transparent base in shape
  5. Pour the second layer of your soap and let the surface set.
  6. Scratch the top purple soap layer.
    purple transparent soap and spray

3 layer

  1. Prepare a third, final layer of soap, repeating the instructions for the first layer.
  2. Sprinkle your final layer with alcohol to avoid bubbles on the surface of the soap.
    alcohol bubbles on the soap
  3. Put the mold in a cool place to cool and dry completely (it took us 40 minutes).
  4. Take the soap out of the mold (start the air bubble into the plastic mold and the soap will come out easier).
  5. You can use soap immediately, but it is better to let the bar rest for about 24 hours.
  6. If you intend to store soap for a while, to preserve the smell, wrap the bar in cling film.

Lavender soap do it yourself

And traditionally describe what we got in the end. Three-layer soap with a delicate lavender scent. The colors are pastel, the nacre luster is almost negligible, which we wanted to achieve, the colors will not migrate in the future, since they used pigment. The soap was used for washing and washing hands, the skin is delicate, does not dry, the wounds on the skin healed faster, thanks to lavender essential oil and base linseed oil. Foam is not very abundant, but sufficient. Note that essential oils sometimes act as allergens, so make sure that you are not allergic to lavender essential oil.

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