Dye migration what is it?

Color migration in soap layers

Photo from hobby38.ru

Sophisticated soap makers already know all the secrets of migrating dyes and successfully use them in their masterpieces. Beginners in this most interesting form of creativity should note that the migration of dyes is the displacement of color in the soap, leading to the mixing of colors among themselves. For example, you poured rainbow soap in layers, and after a couple of days the layers adjoining each other “made friends” with each other, and not only the border between them was erased, but the soap also acquired other shades.
Beautiful migration in soap

It is all about the selected dyes that can migrate – these are mainly food and natural dyes, and not the migrating dyes for soap – pigments. If you want to make a monochrome soap, then the problem of migration does not concern you.

Migrates dye in soap

dyes in soap that migrateKnowing what dyes for soap will lead to the migration of the dye, you always get the expected effect and color of the soap. The simplest migrating dyes are colored powders — dry food and cosmetic dyes that need only be diluted with distilled warm water. It is convenient to purchase ready-made bottles with water-soluble liquid cosmetic dyes, usually such bottles have functional caps-pipettes, with the help of which it is easy to measure the necessary number of droplets. In the same bottles are sold and oil-soluble synthetic food dyes for soap, they migrate, but a little slower. Perhaps it is possible to attribute gel dyes to migrants, which are sold in tubes, but their migration process is much slower than the above.

How to use the effect of the migration of dyes with benefit

migration of dyes in the soap with their own handsUsing the magic of dye migration, you can create a magic soap with smooth color transitions. It is with the help of migrating dyes that you get a creative ombre-style soap bar, with blurred transitions from dark to light shades, for example. Filling this soap allows you to use large forms of soap for cutting, which increases productivity and ensures success.