Soap washcloth is a fashionable trend in the manufacture of body care products with a scrubbing effect with their own hands. The bast with natural soap can be made in different ways. This time we will tell you how a washcloth with soap inside is made from loofah, high-quality English SLS free soap base, natural sea-buckthorn oil and orange essential oil. Lufa, this is a wonderful exfoliating washcloth, presented to us by nature. It can be added to the soap by cutting into small circles suitable for the height of the mold, or grinding in a coffee grinder into small fibers. In the ground state, the loofah is quite malleable, and can be placed not only in a round-shaped mold, but for example in a heart shape. Such bright washcloths with soap will serve as a perfect gift for any holiday and just for no reason, for close people.

Handmade soap with loofah

Soap washcloth

Master class soap with loofah

In order to make a soap washcloth, it does not take much time and complex components.


100 – 120g – transparent English soap base SLS free

1 tsp – sea buckthorn oil

5 drops – orange essential oil

2-3 cm – a piece of loofah, with a diameter suitable for the mold

1 bottle – alcohol for spraying.

10-15 cm – ribbon or rope (optional)

Washcloths with soap

  1. How to make soap washcloth? We start with the preparation of loofah. If the bast is in compressed form, we cut off a flattened piece 2-3 cm wide (along the height of the mold) and drop it into the glass with warm water to finish it, but for now let’s work on the soap base.
  2. We cut into cubes 100-120 grams of a soapy transparent base without SLS and send them to melt into a microwaves for 20-30 seconds, do not overdo it, that it would not boil.
  3. In the melted soap base add 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil, which is an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent. Sea buckthorn oil will not only saturate washcloths with handmade soap with beneficial properties, but will also color in a bright orange color.
  4. In the tinted base, slightly cooled, add the essential oil of orange, so that it does not evaporate ahead of time.
  5. Returning to the washcloth, the magic of the loofah is revealed, turning into a round porous shaybochku, soft to the touch. Remove it from the glass and crush the water.
  6. Sprinkle with alcohol and place a circle of loofah on the bottom.
  7. Fill the washcloth with a soap base, well soaking the center and edges, on top you can again sprinkle with alcohol.
  8. Leave to freeze for a long time.
  9. Remove the orange washcloth with soap and you can immediately use it.
  10. Optionally, in the soap, you can make a hole with a sharp object, such as an awl, and thread a ribbon or twine. Such washcloths with soap, the master class of which did not take more than an hour, will occupy a worthy place in the bathroom.Soap with a washcloth with your own hands

Soap with a washcloth with your own hands

As a result, we got a wonderful washcloth with soap and loofah. In this master class, we poured the soap into individual molds, after cutting the loofah into the right sized washers. If there is a large form in the presence of a rifled soap, you can safely soak a sponge pour a soap base, and after curing, cut into attractive soap sponges. If for some reason the loofah turned out to be very tough, then it can be disassembled into pieces, smash slightly in a coffee grinder and in this form pour the soap base. In any case, you get a soap scrub with a scrubbing effect.

In addition to washcloths with loofah, many types of washcloths with soap are now invented, reviews of which are quite attractive. For example, jute washcloths with soap flakes, this is when shavings of natural soap are placed in bags made of jute yarn. Or, for example, the cold Castilian soap made is placed in a special pocket of a washcloth bag made from natural threads. Woolen felted washcloths with soap are also made; in this case, soap bars are “packed” in a cocoon of woolen threads, using the wet felting method.

All these soap washcloths gently care for the skin, have a massage and peeling effect. In the future we will try to deal with all these techniques, and be sure to share our discoveries.

Thanks for the ideas of washcloths with loofah and photos