Marble soap looks beautiful and stylish. Nothing more, but so refined and expensive. It will certainly decorate the bathroom. Such marble soap is made from the foundation very simply with your own hands. You only need 15 minutes to create this beauty.

You will need:

  • 500 gr. white soap base (we have English with shea butter)
  • Red, yellow and blue pigments
  • 30 drops – mint flavor
  • Rectangular shape and two dividers

How to make marble soap from the foundation with your own hands:

  1. Cut the whole base into cubes, melt 2/3 of the whole base in one container, and 1/3 in another. It is possible to heat a basis in the water bath or in the microwave oven. It is important not to let the base boil. Constantly stir the base.
  2. In a separate small container, mix three dyes in equal parts, so you get a black coal color. The more dye you add to the base, the richer the black bars will be.
  3. In the melted 1/3 part of the base, add a dye, mix well, then add flavoring.
  4. Add flavoring to the second container with a white base and mix.
  5. Place the partitions in the shape as shown in the picture.
  6. Holding the partitions with your hand, pour half the white base into the form at once, then the black base into the middle part of the form and then the remaining white base, which would be the same as in the picture below. It is necessary to work quickly, so that the base does not freeze, and did not have time to grab the film.
  7. Quickly remove the partitions and start making swirls in the soap, several times holding a stick in it. Do not drive too much, so that the base is not mixed, and you got beautiful divorces. Just be sure to spend not only on the top of the base, lower the stick to the bottom.


If you do all the manipulations quickly enough, then you will get such a beautiful marble soap. And in order to complete all the steps quickly, familiarize yourself with the plan, prepare all the devices, so that they are at hand. Remember that the white base will heat up longer than the one that turns black later.

The recipe is taken and transferred from the site: