MELTA is a certified, well-proven soap base of premium class, made in Belarus. With English melt – melt, melt. It is this property of soap foundations, produced at a very young enterprise, was the name for the brand.


MELTA – easily meltable soap base. It is enough to heat it up to a homogeneous liquid mass, then enrich it with dyes, fragrances and vitamin complexes, and then just pour it into the attracted soap molds.

MELTA soap base

Advantages of the soap base of Belarus in natural origin of almost all components that have a high degree of purity and are the best suited for the production of personal care products at home. The glycerin which is a part adds the softening properties to your future masterpiece. It is easy and fun to work with such a foundation. A nice bonus is the low price compared to other soap bases.

The cons of the MELTA soap base are not particularly seen. Is it just a little softer than their European counterparts.

Today there are different types of MELTA Belarus.

Types of soap base Melta Belarus

  1. Melta Clear – transparent soap base

Features: Melta Clea contains a large percentage of glycerin, suitable for creating soap with water-soluble images. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate.

Properties: Melta Clea is suitable even for beginner soap makers, transparent soap base well takes the color. The melting time of the melted base is slightly longer than the classic Melta foundations. Consequently, the film on the surface of the melted soap for filling will appear more slowly, thereby leaving time for additional manipulations. Such soap foams well and cleans.

  1. Melta White – white soap base

Features: Melta White includes active ingredients based on coconut oil, which brings excellent cleansing and softening notes.-138AN1mUgk Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate. In the cold season, the basis is possible precipitation of titanium dioxide, which dissolves into a uniform color when the substrate is heated.

Properties: Melta White is an excellent base even for novice soap makers, it has a milky white color. When melting does not freeze instantly with the formation of a film on the surface. Each piece of soap made from this base will gently cleanse the skin, softening it and nourishing it with added vitamin components.

  1. Melta OV – Olive Soap Base

Features: Melta OV soap base is completely made from natural raw materials, enriched with olive oil. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate.

Properties: Melta OV natural base from transparent to semi transparent color. Excellent foam, has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

  1. Melta Organic – Organic Soap Base

FeaturesIMG_9578Melta Organic Organic Preservative Free Base. The soap base is in great demand and popularity among fans of eco products. Hardens slower than classic soap bases. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate.

Properties: Melta Organic includes only components of organic origin. It has a light brown color and a pleasant smell. It foams well and cleans well.

  1. Melta Shea – Shea Butter Base

Features: Melta Shea organic preservative-free base, saturated with Shea butter. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate. In the cold season, titanium dioxide can precipitate, which evenly distributes when heated.

Properties: Melta Shea is a natural base from translucent to classic white. It cleans and nourishes the skin.

  1. Melta Goats Milk – basis for goat milk soap

Features: Melta Goats Milk has exclusively natural whole goat milk, which is introduced at the last stage of production and preserves its beneficial properties to the maximum. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate.

Properties: Melta Goats Milk soap base from white to melted milk (cream color), containing nutritious goat milk. Remarkably moisturizes, nourishes and cleanses the skin.

  1. Melta Honey – honey base

Features: Melta Honey is an enriched honey base for nourishing soap. The color depends on the honey used. Great for making soaps on honey variations even without adding additional dyes. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Properties: Melta Honey is a transparent soap base from light yellow to golden brown, enriched with natural honey and endowed with its beneficial properties.

  1. Melta Mango – base for mango butter soap

Features: Melta Mango 2190 (1)natural soap base with the addition of mango oil, saturated with all the beneficial properties of this fruit. Does not contain laurite sodium sulfate.

Properties: Melta Mango is not a transparent white base. When stored, it can precipitate titanium dioxide, which easily mixes in a uniform tone when heated. It cleans and nourishes the skin.

Find the soap base of the Belarusian production is quite simple in the needle shops.

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