Shaving soap will be useful for both men and women, especially if it is so delicately caring for the skin and promotes healing of wounds. Preparation of soap from scratch requires special skills, but it is worth trying to cook it, because only such soap will leave the scent not only in the bathroom, but also on the skin.

To make your own shaving soap in the hot way you will need:

  • castor oil – 75g (10%)
  • coconut oil – 225gr (30%)
  • olive oil – 300g (40%)
  • palm kernel oil – 75g (10%)
  • shea butter – 75g (10%)

Total oils – 750g

  • water – 248gr
  • alkali (NaOH) – 113,14gr
  • overfishing – 0%


  • cow’s milk – 25gr
  • cow’s milk powder – 10gr
  • boasting – 40g (8%), – sesame, shea, sea buckthorn, anhydrous lanolin (10 gr total)
  • Allantoin – 2g
  • Em tea tree, lavender, lemon, litsei cubeba.


Step-by-step instructions for making shaving soap with your own hands from scratch in a hot way:

  1. Measure out the oils, mix and bring to a homogeneous mass in a water bath.
  2. In a separate container in cold water, enter the alkali, stir, strain through a sieve to make sure that all the alkali has dissolved.
  3. Pour alkali into the oil at the same temperature of the two mixtures (50-60 ° C), then use a blender to bring your future soap to the track.
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and bring to the gel stage on the water bath, then mix well the mass.
  5. Boil until tender, stirring occasionally and conducting a sample.
  6. In the meantime, mix dry milk, liquid milk and allatonin in a cup.
  7. In the second cup, melt the oils for drying with lanolin in a water bath.
  8. Once you understand the consistency that the soap is ready, pour into it alternately the components of two cups, mixing the mass. At the end add essential oils and mix well again.
  9. Spread out in tins, place in a dry dark place and wait for it to solidify.



The result is a soap with abundant good foam that perfectly softens the hair. Oils and other components are selected in such a way that would delicately care for the skin, soften it, moisturize and heal wounds.

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