For a beginner soap maker at the beginning of this interesting journey, you must immediately figure out what kind of soap you can cook at home.

Mylovary usually prepare home soap from the base, soap from scratch in a cold and hot way. And so, why is each of these methods remarkable, and from what method should you start?

Soap with your own hands from the soap base

Soap from the base is prepared from the soap base itself. This is the perfect way to create soap for an avid newbie. You simply buy the necessary ingredients and combine in the required proportions. A little creativity and get a beautiful, original and even natural product.


color soap from soap base soap from the base of the photo beautiful soap from soap base

Handmade soap from soap base

Soap from scratch is suitable for those who love completely natural products, take care of their health, want to create soap from start to finish with their own hands and at the same time have time for this process. Well, it is better to do this with some experience in soap making, since it will have to work with alkali, and this is not only troublesome, but also somewhat dangerous. However, having received the result, he will definitely like you and completely capture. But let’s talk about this in another article.

Properties basis for soap

  1. Easy and quick cooking
  2. Each soap is original and can be an unusual gift.
  3. You can add natural ingredients (honey, oats, herbs)
  4. Used in the preparation of natural oils that are useful for the skin (olive, coconut, cocoa butter, etc.)
  5. You can make a hypoallergenic soap for the baby.
  6. In 15 minutes you will prepare a beautiful soap with your own hands!

The foundation itself is a ready-made soap, it does not possess odor and color and is completely open to your experiments. You can add essential oils, base oils, dyes, flavors, natural additives to the base.

How to make soap from the base and where to start, we will tell you in the next article – Soap from the base – where to start, what to prepare? And also read – Soap base: how to choose, how much to add?