On a hot day or, on the contrary, in dank weather, you want to find a piece of bright mood in the bathroom. There is nothing easier than making a watermelon soap with your own hands and please yourself and your loved ones.

How to make watermelon soap

  • 250 g – transparent English base
  • 250 g – not transparent white soap base
  • several droplets – red dye
  • several droplets – fragrances “watermelon”
  • alcohol in a bottle with a spray.

Soap watermelon do it yourself

  1. Prepare the components, dishes and molds for cutting or any other.
  2. Dice transparent and white soap bases.
  3. We place the dishes with soap in the microwave oven or on the steam bath and drown.
  4. In the molten soap base add a drop of red dye, achieving the desired color.
  5. Add a watermelon fragrance to the tinted translucent soap base.
  6. Sprinkle the prepared form with alcohol and pour the watermelon soap.
  7. Waiting for the soap to solidify and remove from the mold.
  8. Cut into pieces of the desired size, if poured into a large form.

Handmade watermelon soap

As you can see, the recipe for watermelon soap with your own hands is very simple, even an aspiring master can handle it. High-quality English soap base will give a stable foam and perfectly clean the skin, and watermelon perfume with its fresh aroma, will give the feeling of summer mood even on an overcast day.

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Thanks for the recipe for this site: http://slogpost.ru/2012/04/mylo-molodoj-arbuz-recept-izgotovleniya-v-domashnix-usloviyax/