In this article we will tell you what you need to do to start preparing soap. All this is a necessary initial level of knowledge that a beginner needs in order to make soap with his own hands.

The first thing to do is to prepare a work plan, that is, to paint what and why you will do.

Soap from the foundation with his own hands

Soap from the base is prepared quite quickly and depending on the chosen base, it sets in a crust just as quickly, therefore all stages should be thought out. Prepare all the ingredients and necessary equipment, as well as the workplace.

A set of soap for beginners:

soap ingredients from soap base  soap base  pieces of soap base

  1. The soap base is actually a finished soap, odorless and colorless, we will melt it;
  2. Base oils – add to give the soap the desired beneficial properties (skin softening, antibacterial effect, healing effect, and so on, depending on the oil you choose);
  3. Flavors, these can be food flavors, fragrances, essential oils or aromatic oils. In more detail about how to aromatize soap and what better to choose read here. For a beginner, we recommend using perfumes; they will give the soap a more lasting fragrance;
  4. Dyes are natural and synthetic dyes. Read more here. And to begin with, we advise you to choose a water-soluble food dye, it is synthetic, but not harmful to health, gives a beautiful color and is easy to work with. Sold already in liquid form;
  5. Form for soap – molds for soap are the most diverse, choose for the first time a form designed for soap up to 100 grams;
  6. Alcohol – preferably alcohol is already in the pulverizer;
  7. Natural supplements such as coffee, chocolate, etc., however, for the first soap, we recommend not to use them. It will be interesting and useful for you to see how the simplest soap is prepared, so that later you have something to compare with and you can sort it out;
  8. Heat-resistant dishes – in it you will need to melt the soap. You will melt either in the microwave or on the stove, in a water bath, so choose the appropriate dishes;
  9. Knife and the surface on which you will cut the base for soap;
  10. Kitchen scales;
  11. Spoon for mixing ingredients;
  12. A charge of inspiration and joy 🙂

And so, having prepared everything necessary, we can proceed to the preparation. In the next article, see the basic recipe and make your first soap!

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