This original soap will make the smile to the person to whom you present it, as it is just perfect for this. Such soap is made fairly quickly, the ingredients are not complicated, but the result is wonderful. And so how to make soap from the base with your own hands with a small fish read below with detailed instructions and photos.

Handmade soap from soap base:

  • 100 grams – transparent soap base
  • 6-10 drops – flavoring with the scent of the sea
  • 1 drop – blue food or cosmetic dye (optional)
  • small toy “golden fish” for swimming
  • gift wrapping package, preferably with four sides
  • packing ribbon

How to swim in the soap Goldfish toy

  1. Cut the base for soap into small cubes of 0.5-1 cm and put in a water bath or in a microwave. Heat the base until completely dissolved, but do not let it boil to avoid bubbles in the middle and on the surface of the soap.
    How to swim a toy in soap
  2. Add flavoring and coloring to the melted base (optional), mix the contents well.
  3. Now stir the base and let it cool down a bit so that our bag does not melt with temperature.
  4. Now you can start pouring the mixture into an open pre-pack. We recommend putting the bag in a container so that it would continue to stand while you pour the soap base into it. Pour neatly, directly into the center, so that the base does not smear the edges of the package. You can sprinkle the package with alcohol beforehand, so that there would be no cavities and the base fills the entire space well. At the end of the process, sprinkle the surface of the soap with alcohol to get rid of the bubbles.How to melt soap into figures
  5. Now immerse  the  goldfish  in  the  package  and  adjust  the  depth  of  its  immersion  with  a  pipette  or  another  stick,  hold  the  toy  for  a  while  in  the  desired  position,  so  that  it  does  not  float.  You  can  also  sprinkle  the  toy  with  alcohol  to  get  rid  of excess  bubbles                                                        .Soap with melted toy
  6. Wait until your soap freezes and can close the bag and tie it with a ribbon. Your gift is ready!
    Goldfish soap

Goldfish soap

As a result, we get the original soap with the aroma of the sea and melted toy. Here we used this method of fusing toys in soap. You can also pour a small layer of the base, let it cool down and glue the bottom of the toy to this layer. Next, pour the remaining soap base. Do not forget to constantly use alcohol to avoid the appearance of bubbles. This soap will have a more decorative effect, since we did not add oils to soften the skin, so as not to cloud the base, and the base itself was chosen based on its transparency. For this, be prepared for the fact that such a soap can dry the skin.