This funny and cute soap has a moisturizing effect, and still perfectly uplifting. It is done quickly and elementary. We found the recipe for beautiful soap from the foundation on the American site and cannot but share it:


  • 100 grams – the basis for soap, we have an English base with Shea butter
  • 5-7 drops – essential rose oil
  • 5 different dyes – we have bright cosmetic dyes (over time they will migrate and can give interesting color interpretations)
  • pipette
  • soap mold “Peace”

Step-by-step recipe for soap from the basics:

  1. Cut the base into cubes of soap and melt in a water bath or in a microwave. Do not bring to a boil, stir gently to avoid bubbles.
  2. Using a pipette on the bottom of the form (which you pre-sprinkle with alcohol), apply in separate drops. The first photo is a step-by-step recipe for soap from the base. how to make dye pigments in soap from base

    Do not put too many different colors and drip no more than 10 drops, so the colors will not merge into one.

  3. Allow the melted base to cool slightly and add the essential oil, stir the base.
    white soap base and essential oil in a cup
  4. Pour the base for the soap into the dye form, only very carefully and evenly, to make beautiful swirls. how to pour molten base into the mold
  5. Using chopsticks, make swirls, but make no more than 2 movements, so that all colors do not mix.swirls in soap from the base with dyes
  6. Spray the soap with alcohol to remove bubbles. Let the soap harden for 1-2 hours and you can get it.

Soap from the base with his own hands with swirls of dyes

As a result, you get a delicate fragrant soap, with beautiful cheerful divorces. Very funny and easy to implement recipe. Suitable as a gift, and add color to your bathroom.