This delicious oatmeal soap looks like an azure seashore on a sunny day. It has a slight scrubbing effect and soft foam.

Soap with oatmeal do it yourself

  • 60 grams white base for soap we have the English base Crystal Shea
    sea soap do it yourself from the base
  • 60 grams white base for soap we have Crystal Goats Milk Base
  • ½ tsp pearlescent green pigment
  • ½ teaspoon pearl blue pigment
  • 1 pinch of holographic white glitter
  • 10 drops of cosmetic fragrances Sea freshness
  • 5-6 drops of cosmetic fragrance milk

Step-by-step recipe for soap from the base of the Sea Coast:

  1. Dice the base of Crystal Goats Milk Base and melt completely in a water bath or in a microwave. Stir the base slowly during the heating process so that no bubbles appear.
    diced base for your own hands
  2. Simultaneously grind oatmeal on a coffee grinder. The original recipe states that you can add whole ones, but for my skin such flakes have become too strong a scrub.
  3. Add the grinded oat flakes to the melted base on the basis of goat milk, mix well, so that there are no lumps, add the “milk” flavor to the already slightly cooled base, and pour the resulting mass into the mold. It is better to sprinkle the form with alcohol.soap base mixed with oatmealthe first layer of sea shore soap
  4. Sprinkle the first layer filled with alcohol to remove unwanted bubbles.
  5. While the first layer is cooling, we divide the base of the Crystal Shea into two equal parts and melt in parallel in two different containers.
  6. pearl pigments in green and blueIn parallel with the heating of the base, in different containers rub the blue and green pearl in glycerin or base oil. This is necessary so that, when added to the base, lumps of nacre are not obtained, which are then quite difficult to bring to a uniform state.
  7. Add in the first container with a half of the melted base a green diluted nacre, and in the second container with a half of the melted base a blue nacre. Thoroughly, but not very intensively mix the bases with dyes to get a uniform color. Add 5 drops of “Sea Freshness” fragrance to each container and mix again.
  8. If the first layer has already stiffened or even just covered with a crust, scratch it with a toothpick and sprinkle it with alcohol. This will help to better bond the layers of soap.
  9. Now let’s start pouring our “sea”. Fill a layer of two containers at the same time, as shown in the photo, starting from the opposite corners and gradually bring the base to the center. So you get a square divided into two triangles.
    turquoise blue sea shore soap
  10. Now make a fork on the surface of the soap stains, to get a beautiful wave.
    stains on soap made by plug
  11. To make your sea shine, you can pour a pinch of holographic white glitter into a fine sieve and lightly pull the surface of your soap.
    glittering blue soap sprinkled with holographic white pigment
  12. Then again sprinkle the surface with alcohol to get rid of the bubbles. Let your piece of the sea harden and you can enjoy.

Handmade Oatmeal Soap

Besides the fact that this soap is very beautiful and will suit both a gift and can decorate your bathroom, it is also an excellent hand scrub and, if necessary, face. In addition, the bases for the soaps used in this recipe perfectly nourish your skin.

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