If you want to make several pieces of soap at once, try this recipe. You will spend a little more time than usual when preparing a piece of soap from the base, but get a much better result. A great option for those who are preparing gifts for several loved ones at once. And so for the preparation of soap layers for cutting from the base “Pink Wave”

You will need:

  • 1 kg – transparent base for soap
  • 400 gr – white base for soap
  • Pink pigment
  • Orange pigment
  • White mika
  • Plumeria essential oil

Step-by-step recipe of soap layers under the cutting “Pink Wave”

  1. Cut into cubes and melt in separate containers transparent and white base. In the process it is very important to ensure that the soap base does not boil or overheat, stir gently for this.
  2. In a white melted base, add 2 teaspoons of miki. Previously we recommend to grind the mica in a tablespoon of base oil or glycerin, so that the dye does not form the basis of clumps, but a uniform glow is obtained.
  3. Add 20 grams of essential oil of plume to the dissolved transparent soap base, and then divide it into two parts in two separate containers of 0.5 kg each.MPAddingFO
  4. Add 3 ml of pink liquid pigment to the first portion of the transparent soap base, and add 5 ml of orange liquid pigment to the second part of the base. Mix both sides of the base well.MPAddingLabColo
  5. Pour half of the pink transparent base into a large rectangular shape and sprinkle with alcohol to remove all bubbles from the surface.MPPouringFirstLayer
  6. Check the temperature of the orange transparent base, if the temperature is 50 degrees or lower, sprinkle the pink layer again to better adhere the layers and pour half of the orange base on top.MPSprayingwithAlcohol
  7. Preheat the white base with mica again and add 9 grams of essential oil to the soap and mix well.MPAddingMicatoWhiteSoap
  8. Cool the white base with mica to the desired temperature, rub the orange layer with alcohol and pour the white base into the mold.
  9. Next, in turn, fill the remaining orange and then the pink base. Do not forget to sprinkle with alcohol layers and monitor the temperature of the base to be poured.MPPouredSoap
  10. Leave the form for a few hours until the soap is completely cooled, then you can take out the resulting bar and cut it into smaller pieces. We recommend using a special figured knife for cutting, so your soap will turn out even more beautiful.

The effect of soap layers under the cutting “Pink Wave”

As a result, you get up to 15 pieces of soap. Agree to a fairly large batch of gifts. In the process of cooking it is very important to observe the temperature, as pouring too hot base can get the mixing layers in the soap, which in this case is not necessary. If the plumeria essential oil does not suit you by smell, you can replace it with another that suits you, keeping the same proportions.MPSoapUnmoldedUncut

We took the recipe for this soap on the site www.soapqueen.com and translated for you from English.