We dilute the cloudy weekdays with a sunny mood and make a handmade sunflower soap with scrubbing pieces of freshly brewed coffee and a soothing or invigorating aroma of your favorite essential oil. Soap weighing 100-120 grams will be poured into a silicone form in the form of a flower. Soap sunflower with your own hands, this is a wonderful gift to yourself beloved and precious friends.

Master class handmade soap sunflower


  • 120 g – transparent soap base
  • 1 tsp – grape seed oil
  • 2-3 drops – essential oil of tea tree
  • 1-2 g – titanium dioxide
  • 1-2 tsp – ground coffee, (freshly brewed)
  • 1-2 drops – yellow liquid dye (pigment)
  • 1-2 drops – green liquid dye (pigment)

Also prepare:

Scales, dishes for a microwave or a water bath, a bottle of alcohol with a spray bottle, a needle or a sharp object (shake up the layers of soap) and a mold in which we pour sunflower soap with our own hands.

Instructions for making soap in the form of a sunflower

  1. Weigh 120 grams of transparent soap base, cut into cubes and heat-resistant dishes send melt in a microwave oven or water bath.
    Basis for handmade soap
  2. Brew coffee and take 1-2 teaspoon of coffee grounds.
  3. In a melted soap base add a teaspoon of grape seed oil and a few drops of essential oil.
  4. We select 15-20 grams of transparent soap base and mix with the coffee grounds, these are the future sunflower seeds in the form of a sunflower.
  5. Spray the form with alcohol and fill the middle of the transparent soap base, mixed with coffee grounds. (thanks for the form http://www.aromasoap.com.ua/standartnye-formy/podsolnuh.html).
  6. Set the mold in a stable position, for example, on a mug with a wide diameter or a bowl, and let the sunflower center solidify.
  7. In the remaining transparent soap base, add pre-diluted titanium dioxide.
  8. Divide the white tinted soap base into two, almost identical, parts.
  9. In most parts, add a yellow dye, mix well, if necessary, add another drop, so that you get the desired rich yellow color for soap in the form of a sunflower.
  10. Using a needle or sharp object, we crumble the frozen center and sprinkle the whole mold with alcohol.
  11. Pour the yellow soap base, which should fill all the petals of the silicone form.
  12. In the remaining soap base, add a few droplets of green dye. If suddenly there is no green dye, but there is blue, then you can mix yellow with blue dye, adding a drop to the top to achieve the desired result.
  13. We wait until the yellow layer of the sunflower hardens, draw on it with a needle and process it again with alcohol.
  14. Pour the last green layer, get rid of air bubbles with alcohol and leave the sunflower to harden.
  15. After some time, we extract a frozen flower, the soap in the shape of a sunflower is ready with your own hands, you can immediately use it.Sunflower soap

Handmade Soap Sunflower

Sunflower soap with scrubbing coffee particles and soothing, wound healing tea tree oil, an excellent means of hygiene at the end of the day. Grape seed oil gently cares for the skin, nourishing it, and scrubbing coffee particles have a slight massage effect, stimulating the cells to work. The soap is not difficult to make, and it pleases the eye, charging with sunny mood.

For the idea of soap, sunflower and photo thanks to the site: http://samira-miss.ru/dom/svoimi-rukami/320-tsitrusovoe-mylo-podsolnukh

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