making soap from scratch. Alkali and water in a glass measuring cupThe basic principles of making soap from scratch in a hot way are to heat the future soap consisting of alkali and oils on a water bath. Those. it is as if you are cooking from raw soap. Such a process, with constant stirring, will take from 2 to 4 hours. During this time, saponification will occur and no alkali will remain, and after a day the soap poured into molds will be ready, but he will still have to ripen for several weeks.

Soap from scratch in a hot way:

  1. Make an alkaline solution (pour out suspended alkali in ice water or on a piece of ice measured volume).
    Alkali, oil and scales
  2. Pour in a thin stream, filtered through a nonmetallic sieve, alkali into a measured amount of heated oils (t of all components within 40-60 degrees), stir all the time.
  3. Beat the blender until a trace appears.
  4. Put the soap in the water bath, close the lid.soap from scratch hot process
  5. Stir periodically, if it is very thick, and has not turned into a gel-like mass, add water or herbal decoction.Soap do it yourself hot
  6. After 3-4 hours, we remove from the steam bath, without ceasing to interfere, bring over the edge with essential oils.
  7. We shift in the mold with the parchment inside.Soap do it yourself hot in the form of
  8. After a day, the soap can be cut into pieces and leave to evaporate moisture.. Soap do it yourself hot

Cooking soap from scratch hot


  • almost immediately after ripening, you can use soap, but it is better to give it to mature (1-2 weeks)
  • independently choose which base oils go over the top (that is, they will take care of your skin). Before starting the preparation of soap from scratch, we recommend reading our article on base oils and their selection by skin type.


  • the soap turns viscous and loses its delicate texture
  • Swirls in the soap do quite problematic
  • most often you will have to use forms for cutting (small, beautiful molds are difficult to use, due to the texture of the soap)
  • long cooking (up to 5 hours)

If you want to prepare soap from scratch in a cold way, then read our next article, there we will also describe in detail the step-by-step preparation of such soap. But in general about soap from scratch and how it differs from soap from the foundation, we wrote in the article: Soap from scratch – with our own hands.