Handmade soap from scratch

Soap from scratch is a soap made from alkali and oils. Excellent chef confident in the quality of their dishes, because each process has passed through his gaze.dogal6 Sophisticated soapmaker also does not deviate from this rule, combining and mixing all the ingredients together for a successful final result. Therefore, soap from scratch in a hot and cold way enthralls an increasing number of masters in the production of home cosmetics. Production of such a product begins with powders, liquids and oils in a certain order mixed with each other, unlike soap from the base, where the soap base itself has already been created on an industrial scale, and all you have to do is to show a creative approach to creating a fragrant, colored decorated foam pieces.

Making soap from scratch:


In order to make soap at home from scratch, you need alkali, base oils and simple knowledge about these components, which can be calculated using a soap calculator. Depending on the desired end product, it is necessary to combine a warm oil solution with the same temperature potassium hydroxide KOH (caustic potassium) – for the manufacture of liquid soap or sodium hydroxide NaOH (caustic soda, caustic soda) – for preparing solid soap.

For the manufacture of liquid soap, caustic potassium, KOH, is used as alkali, and caustic soda, NaOH, is used for solid soap.

Cold and hot cooking soap from scratch

The resulting mixture is whipped until a homogeneous mass is obtained, and, depending on the method chosen, is sent quickly to be “prepared” using heat treatment on a steam bath (hot method) or slowly matured without heat treatment (cold method).

With the cold method of soap from scratch, alkali is combined with oils and the resulting raw soap remains to mature without heat treatment for several weeks or even months. Soap, which is not exposed to heat, does not make the added oils suffer, but it is not always certain which oils will remain in the waste and retain their beneficial properties. In the same hot soap, essential oils and fats are not absorbed by alkali, because added to the resulting soap, after the oxidation process.

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