Avocado has a beneficial effect on the body, not only when you eat it. In cosmetics, avocado is valued for its nutritional properties, its oil is saturated with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E. In the soap, avocado oil gives velvet and foam and adds conditioning properties. Read the recipe for avocado puree soap from scratch in the cold way below. The composition of this soap is quite simple. The recipe was calculated at the rate of 450 grams of finished soap output with 3% surplus.*


You will need:

  • 150 gr. – avocado oil
  • 136 g – palm oil
  • 136 g – palm kernel oil
  • 32 g – sweet almond oil
  • 65,52 gr – alkali
  • 172.3 grams – the total weight of the liquid (86.2 grams – water and 86.1 grams – avocado puree)
  • 2.8 g – rosemary extract (oleoresin)
  • 19.8 g – essential oils (for example Tea Tree oil)

Step-by-step recipe for avocado puree soap from scratch in a cold way

  1. Measure out all the ingredients, cook mashed avocado. Puree should be homogeneous, without lumps.
  2. Gently add alkali to the previously cooled water, stir until the alkali is completely dissolved, observing all precautions and leave to cool the resulting mixture.
  3. Mix and heat all the oils in a water bath, dissolve until a homogeneous mass.
  4. Add rosemary extract and avocado puree to the resulting mass, mix well the resulting mass until smooth.
  5. When both masses (oily and alkaline) reach one temperature, approximately 45-50 degrees C, gently pour the alkali and water into the oily mass, stirring constantly.
  6. Stir your soap with a blender, to a light trace. Now add essential oils. Next, mix until reaching the soap trace.
  7. Pour your avocado soap into the mold and leave it for 2 days until fully cured. Then remove your soap from the mold and cut it into pieces.
  8. Soap matures for 1-2 months (the author recommends using a dryer for cookies).

avocado-soap-recipe (1)

The effect of soap with mashed avocado from scratch in a cold way.

Since natural ingredients are used in soap, the color of the soap can undergo changes under the influence of many factors and change from off-white to beautiful olive-green and even red-brown. For example, whether the soap has passed the gel stage or not, to what point the avocado mash was added, as well as which oils were used (organic or not). To obtain such a green color, as in the photo, the author recommends putting the soap in the freezer after pouring it into the form, this will prevent the helium phase in the soap. You can also add a small amount of green pigment to the soap.

Rosemary extract is a natural antioxidant, which will prolong the shelf life of soap by slowing down the oxidation of oils. But this extract does not have antibacterial properties. To prevent mold, etc. add to your soap, for example, the essential oil of tea tree, which has antibacterial properties.

* The recipe was taken from the site soaprecipes101.com and transferred, since all the measures of weight there are indicated in ounces, we translated ounces into grams, rounding from hundredths to tenths.