For experienced magicians in soap making it is no longer a secret how to make soap with swirls and what it is. For the beginner soap-makers we explain that the soap with swirls is handmade, this soap with frozen turbulence, waves, sandstorms and monograms. To achieve such plots is very easy. To do this, use a special soap base for swirls or make soap with swirls from scratch with your own hands. The secret of this soap is simple. It is a more dense mass of different colors, when mixed, does not dissolve in each other, but creates patterns of unusual beauty.

Swirl Soap

Swirl Soap Recipe

A swirl soap making technician is a lot, resulting in a swirl soap:

  • from the usual base for soap
  • from soap from scratch
  • from a transparent base for soap

Swirl soap master class

We offer a simple workshop for making soap with swirls from the English base.


  • 200 g – soap base for swirls Crystal Suspending
  • 5 cap. – any non migrating dye
  • 2-3 cap. – favorite fragrances
  • Bottle of wasps alcohol with a spray.

How to make soap with swirls

  1. Cut soap base, and melt in the microwave or in a water bath.
  2. Add the favorite flavor to the warmed base and mix.
  3. Divide the soap base into two parts and paint one of them with a dye.
  4. In the prepared form with a flat bottom, we begin to simultaneously pour the soap base of two cups.
  5. Due to the high density of white and blue soap bases will gently connect with each other, not mixing colors.
  6. Now we take a long wooden stick, lower the molds into the corner to the bottom and begin to lead it, drawing zigzags from left to right, and from right to left, creating beautiful curls.
  7. Sprinkle with alcohol at last and leave to freeze.
  8. After solidification, we remove the soap from the mold, cut it into pieces and admire the multicolored waves of soap with swirls with our own hands.

Soap with swirls

Photo of soap with swirls

We hope that now soap with swirls, photos of which are dazzling on the Internet, has become closer and more accessible. The described technique allows you to come up with new patterns and motifs to create soap masterpieces.