Thinking about giving friends a New Year or Christmas? You can make a Christmas tree soap with your own hands, this soap will look very elegant, and you will spend very little time, because the soap from the base is only 15-20 minutes. And so, read and see how to make a Christmas tree soap in our master class. In the master class, we also use photo Christmas tree soap, which we found in this blog:

For handmade soap Christmas tree will need:

  • Silicone mold for soap 3d tree 40 grams
  • 80-100 grams rectangular mold
  • 40 grams – white base, we have an English white base
  • 100 grams – a transparent base, we also have English production
  • 2-3 drops – green dye
  • 5-7 drops – flavoring, we have the aroma of pine needles

Step-by-step recipe for Christmas soap herringbone:

  1. Cut the white base into cubes and melt in a water bath or in a microwave until completely dissolved, but be sure not to bring it to a boil to avoid bubbles.
  2. Add half the flavor to a white, melted base and pour the mixture into a 3D Christmas tree.12
  3. Spray the soap with alcohol and leave to solidify.
  4. We proceed to the second stage of creating soap Christmas tree do it yourself. Cut the transparent base into cubes and drown it in a water bath or in a micro-trap on the same principle as the white base.
  5. Add a dye to the melted transparent base, mix.
  6. Add flavoring to the green melted base.
  7. Pour into a large base of 6-10 mm green base, sprinkle with alcohol, it is necessary so that the Christmas tree would look immersed in a green base.
  8. Place the white Christmas trees in a larger rectangular shape in the center and fill with a green transparent base.15
  9. Sprinkle the soap with alcohol to remove the bubbles.
  10. Remove the resulting Christmas soap from the Christmas tree shapers.


As a result, you get a beautiful soap with a fused Christmas tree, a beautiful, New Year. 17We used in this recipe a liquid food dye for a transparent base, because it will not cloud the base and it will remain the same transparent, however, in this case, one drawback is possible that this dye may begin to migrate and color the white fused tree. You can learn more about dyes in soap in our article: Dyes in soap making.

We chose coniferous aroma of this soap, however you can use any dye that you consider suitable.

What scents are better to use in New Year’s soap?

Christmas soap, like any festive soap should bring certain emotions. And since a person has the brightest emotions usually associated with the sense of smell, we will try to figure out how to bring the holiday spirit to the family. And so traditional Christmas scents for soap are:

  • citrus fruits (mainly orange and tangerines)
  • coniferous (spruce, pine, coniferous forest)
  • spices (warm aromas of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and others)
  • lollipops, apple, as well as combinations of citrus with spices

These are only the main scents for soap for Christmas and New Year. Perhaps you have your options for holiday fragrances, write about them in the comments and we will add to our list.