This is a very easy recipe for a pretty beautiful soap that turns into a New Year’s tale with a decent design. Try to make cute presents for your friends with your own hands, we are sure they will appreciate you.

light soap ingredients mint candy

  • 100 grams – the basis for soap, and us English base on the basis of goat milk
  • 4-6 drops – red food coloring
  • 3-4 drops – peppermint essential oil
  • new year’s mold

Step-by-step recipe for New Year’s soap:

  1. basis for soap cubes in a glass for meltingCut the soap base into small cubes of 0.5-1 cm.
  2. In a water bath or in the microwave, melt the soap base, stirring gently and not boiling. The latter is very important, because otherwise inside the soap and on the surface there will be bubbles from which not to get rid of.
  3. Remove the melted soap base (or remove from the microwave) stir again.
    Add essential oil and mix thoroughly.
  4. Sprinkle with soap and alcohol and pour the base with essential oil into the mold.
  5. Put 3-4 drops of dye on a non-frozen surface of the soap in random order.
  6. Toothpick swipe across the surface of the soap through the dye drops to get beautiful stains.
    New Year's Mint Red Swirl Soap
  7. After solidification of the soap (about 2 hours), make your New Year’s soap. And your gift for the New Year is ready.

handmade soap mint candy

As a result, you get a fresh mint soap beautiful pinkish color with reddish patches. Through the use of soap base on goat milk, the soap will have a soft foam and will not dry the skin, and the mint flavor will create a real festive mood.

The recipe found on the website:

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