We offer a bright creative box for your gifts in the form of a cap with a real bubo, like Santa’s. It is very simple to make it, and most importantly, quickly, because the New Year and Christmas holidays will come very soon, and you also need to prepare something that will conceal the New Year’s packaging with your own hands. This box will perfectly fit handmade soap, jars of creams and lip gloss, small New Year’s candles, this is a great packaging for a bath bombshell with New Year’s scents made as a gift, etc.

Christmas packaging for candy

Christmas packaging Santa Claus hat made of cardboard

For a square box with a small cap, you will need:

  1. 1 sheet of corrugated cardboard red (for the base of the cap)
  2. 1 white sheet of white corrugated board (for the edge of the cap and box)
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors and wavy scissors (optional)
  5. Ruler, pencil and leaf in a cage
  6. A small skein of white thread and a big fork for bubonchik
  7. Double sided tape
  8. Decorative elements for the edge of the cap (optional)
How to make New Year's packaging with their own hands

Economical New Year packaging

Step-by-step instruction

1. For clarity, create a template for packing on a piece of paper in the cell. Element 1 and 2 are white box and edge of the cap, respectively; element 3 is a red hat.

Instructions for making New Year's packaging

Instructions for the manufacture of packaging for Christmas gifts

Making Christmas packaging for candy

Cardboard box for New Year’s gifts

2. Let’s start with a box, for this we move element 1 to a white corrugated cardboard, cut it into solid, we will be beaten along dotted lines.

Cardboard box for New Year's gifts

3. Assemble the boxes and glue the PVA or fasten with a stapler. The effective area of the received box is 6.5 cm × 6.5 cm, with a height of 3 cm.

4. We proceed to the Santa hat, for this purpose we transfer element 3 of the template to a red corrugated cardboard, cut around, cut out along solid lines, bend along dotted lines.

Christmas boxes do it yourself

Christmas boxes for gifts do-it-yourself

Christmas gift boxes

Instructions on how to make Christmas boxes for gifts

5. We glue the valves of the cap with PVA glue, assemble the cardboard cap.

Christmas packaging for sweet gifts

Box for a gift for the New Year 2016 do it yourself

Christmas gift wrapping 2016

Christmas boxes scrapbooking

6. We return to our templates, transfer element 2 (edge) to white corrugated cardboard, cut out and bend along dotted lines. At will this strip of paper can be cut off with zigzag decorative scissors to make wavy edges.

7. Glue the white cardboard edge to the red cap.

Christmas boxes for candy

Christmas gift wrapping

8. Now you need to decorate the hat with a fluffy bubble. How to make a bubo on a fork quickly? Very simple. Fork for this size box is better to choose a large and wide, the diameter of the bubo will be approximately equal to the width of the fork.

Making Christmas boxes

Packaging for Christmas gifts for children

9. White fluffy thread tightly wound on a fork. Depending on the thickness of the thread, you will need from 5 to 15 meters of yarn.

Christmas gift boxes

Christmas gift wrapping manufacturing

Packaging for gifts for the New Year do it yourself

How to make New Year’s packaging

10. We cut off the coil from the coil on the fork and additionally cut off a thread of ≈10 cm, with this thread we rewind the coil on the fork, threading it through the hole between the central teeth. We tighten the thread well and fasten it on the knot, we do not cut off the long ends of the thread, they will still be useful to us for the next stage.

Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas packaging for sweet gifts

Christmas gift wrap

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Christmas gift wrapping

Wrapping a New Year’s Gift Master Class

11. Using scissors we cut the hank over the extreme teeth of the fork, fluff it up and we get a charming bubonic.

Original packaging for New Year's gifts

Boxes for Christmas gifts

12. We fix the bubo on the cap; to do this, we thread the long threads of bubo through the hole at the top of the cap, pull them all the way and fasten them on the knot, then we can cut the long tails of the thread.

Christmas gift wrap

Boxes for children’s Christmas gifts

Christmas boxes for gifts

Ideas of Christmas packages do it yourself

13. If desired, the edge of the cap can be decorated with a decorative element, attaching it with double-sided tape.

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Christmas decoration boxes

Boxes for children's Christmas gifts

Box for New Year’s toys

14. We connect the Santa hat with the box and admire the result.

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Gift Box Santa Hat

Christmas box Santa Claus hat


Very little time and money was spent on such New Year’s packaging, and a wonderful box came out. Santa hat made of cardboard, made in other colors, can turn into an original package in the form of multi-colored caps, which can fit your corporate orders for soap with your own hands, for example, or bath bombs for all relatives. Inspirations to all and good New Year holidays!