Another quick way to make Christmas gift wrapping is to share on the pages of our site. This time it will be a simple handbag made of corrugated cardboard, decorated with Christmas balls. Such a festive package will contain several New Year’s souvenirs, soap with your own hands, cream, masks, bombs for a handmade bath, decorative candles, etc. A feature of this work is the mini-embroidery Monkey, the full mistress of the upcoming 2016.

For the bag pattern with paper balls you will need:

Packing Template for Christmas Balls

  1. A4 corrugated board sheet in dark green.
  2. A4 red cardboard sheet
  3. Small gold cardboard sheet
  4. The image of the symbol of the year – Embroidered monkey small, stickers, glossy clippings or color print on a computer, no larger than 6cm × 6cm
  5. Ruler, pencil, scissors
  6. Double sided tape
  7. Stapler
  8. Foil wire or thin rain
  9. PVA glue

Packing template for Christmas balls:

1. Let’s start with the handbag pattern, for this you will need paper with the size of 19.5 cm × 19.5 cm. Draw it into 9 squares of 6.5 cm × 6.5 cm each.Packing template for New Year's balls

2. Let’s transfer preparation to a cardboard.Template of Christmas gift balls in the package

3. On solid lines, cut the workpiece, on dashed bend. Bends come out smoother, if in the bend place under the ruler.

4. Fold the blank into the purse and fix it with a stapler, so that the antennae of the staples are outside the purse.

Packaging for Christmas balls pattern

Gift wrapped Christmas balls


Packing for Christmas balls

5. From the red and green cardboard on the long side of the sheet (29.5 cm) we cut off strips 3 cm and 1.5 cm wide, respectively. We glue them together with each other and attach the stapler to the sides of the bag for Christmas gifts. Handbag ready.

Packaging under the Christmas balls do it yourself

Christmas tree packaging

6. Make Christmas balls with embroidery paper with their own hands. To do this, draw a circle with a diameter of 7-8 cm on a piece of paper in the box for clarity.

Cardboard packaging for Christmas balls

7. Add a small element for the hook and draw a window for the monkey’s embroidery in the cells, transfer the cut blank to red cardboard.

Packaging for Christmas ball do it yourself

Packaging for Christmas balls do it yourself

2016 Handmade New Year Gift Boxes

8. On the blank with a window, draw another contour in the cells, as in the picture, cut out and transfer to the golden cardboard. This will be a frame for embroidery on the ball.

Template Christmas packaging do it yourself

Handmade Christmas gift wrapping

9. Cut out a small element from the golden cardboard and glue it on top of the ball.

Christmas cardboard packaging

10. We collect all the elements of the toy, foil wire or striped rain with a length of 5-7 cm bend into an eyelet. Using PVA or double-sided tape, we fasten all the parts together. It turns out a Christmas toy made of paper.

Cardboard packaging for New Year's gifts

11. Monkey embroidery for a Christmas toy is fixed with double-sided tape from the inside of the cardboard ball.

Christmas cardboard packaging

12. We cut another ball out of paper on the Christmas tree, but do not cut the window inside, but glue a funny sticker with snowmen. It turns out wonderful toys on the Christmas tree made of paper, which can even be hung on a festive Christmas tree.

New Year packaging template

Make New Year's packaging

13. Bright Christmas balls left to attach double-sided tape to her purse, hiding stapler brackets from the front. Packaging for soap with your own hands is ready.

Christmas packaging do it yourself photo

Original New Year's packaging

New Year Gift Packaging Ideas

Gift wrap from cardboard:

The original handbag for Christmas gifts with their own hands did not take much time. A few leaves of beautiful cardboard animated embroidery in the form of a monkey and Zdorovskie stickers snegovichki. We have proposed just a few ideas for decorating paper balls, and we hope that we have inspired you to create such or similar packaging for gifts. A lot of wonderful souvenirs for friends in the coming year of the Fire Monkey will be placed in the handbag: handmade soap from the base and painstaking Castilian soap prepared in advance; Christmas candles, bath bombs and fragrant salt, jars of air cream and much more.

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