A very simple paper bag for Christmas presents, presented in this master class. The overall dimensions of the base 6.5 cm × 9 cm contain a rather large bar of soap, a couple of bombs for the bath, a small package with home-made cosmetics, etc. A bright combination of green colored paper with white cardboard will give volume to the Christmas tree, and glue with glitters will create the effect of a snow-covered tree.

For packing in the form of a tree you will need:

Making New Year's packaging with their own hands

  1. 2 sheets of A4 green cardboard
  2. 2 sheets of white A4 paper
  3. Ruler, pencil and leaves in the box
  4. Conventional and grooved scissors
  5. Double sided tape
  6. Stapler
  7. PVA glue
  8. Glitter
  9. Asterisk self-bonding

Template packaging DIY tree:

1. Create a box template on a piece of paper in the box.


2. Cut the template and transfer it to white cardboard.

3. For airiness, cut along solid lines with curly scissors and turn them along dotted lines.


4. We assemble the boxes and fasten with a stapler on the large side of the box, then the clips in the finished product will not be visible.


5. Ready box temporarily set aside.


6. Create a template wall packaging for Christmas gifts.


7. We transfer the pattern to the green cardboard, outlines and cuts.


8. The resulting billet is postponed.


9. We start creating Christmas tree patterns, for this purpose, on a piece of paper folded in half, we draw a big heart, the protruding part of which should be 10-11 cm in unfolded form. On the same leaf inside draw three more hearts.


10. Cut the template – a big heart and circle 2 times on green and white cardboard.


11. Then we cut a smaller heart along the next contour and again circle 2 times on green and white cardboard, etc. to the smallest heart.


12. The result is 8 green and 8 white hearts, these blanks will be glueed onto the walls of the soap bag step by step.


13. Returning to the green blank and sticking hearts on it, starting with white.


14. Next we glue the green heart and bend it, repeating the contours of the green blank, etc., alternating white and green hearts, completing the top with a green heart.


15. Do the same with the second part of the workpiece.


16. Plastered from two sides with Christmas trees we will connect the blank with a white box with double-sided tape.



17. To fix the walls of the handbag from above, we use self-bonding stars.


18. Along the edges of the fir branches go glue with glitter.


19. Here, and everything, packaging for New Year’s gifts with their own hands is ready.





New Year’s handmade packaging:

Packing Christmas Tree turned out not at all costly in the means. All blanks consist of simple figures, and cutting hearts is always a pleasure. Try for your surprises such a simple, but attractive type of packaging for New Year’s gifts.