The basis of face care is high-quality skin cleansing. But remember that scrubs should not injure the skin. Here is a mask with activated carbon very gently cleanse your skin and prepare for hydration or nutrition.

To make a cleansing face mask with activated carbon with your own hands

You will need:

  • 290g – Natural Castilian Liquid Soap Base
  • 170 gr – Hazelnut Oil
  • 14 gr – Tamanu Oil
  • 311 g – Kaolin clay
  • 115 gr – Jojoba White Granules
  • 8 gr – Activated carbon
  • 3 ml – Tea tree essential oil
  • 2.8 g – Optifen

Step by step recipe cleansing face mask with activated carbon with your own hands

  1. Mix in a large bowl Castilian liquid base, hazelnut oil and tamanu oil until completely dissolved, the mixture will become milky.
  2. Add the essential oil of tea tree and optifen to the bowl. Mix the future mask thoroughly.
  3. In a separate container, mix the clay, grated activated carbon and jojoba granules until a homogeneous mass is obtained.FIVE-2
  4. In the liquid part, add a mixture of slavs in 3-4 steps, mix everything with a whisk. So you avoid spilling clay and raising it into the air. Continue to knead thoroughly until the lumps completely disappear.
  5. Pour the scrub into the glass container and close tightly with the lid.


Apply the mask-scrub on the face gently, massaging with gentle movements, no matter what to injure the skin. Leave on face for 2-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The face skin after the mask simply shines with purity. In the end, be sure to use a nourishing or moisturizing cream.


The recipe is taken and transferred from the site: