Preferring to use natural cosmetics, made with our own hands, we could not pass by the wonderful properties of bay leaf.

How is bay leaf useful for hair?

What is its use? Bay leaf in cosmetology, it is a unique natural component in its composition. It contains fatty acids and essential oils, vitamin A, C, group B and PP, volatile production, resins, and trace elements, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese. Bay leaf heals microcracks on the scalp, normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat and is an excellent antiseptic.

Bay leaf for hair


There is an opinion that the essential oils in laurel decoction have a strong tonic effect, so you should not experiment, and use decoctions from Lavrushka for hair for pregnant women. For young mummies fit other recipes for their own hair cosmetics.

A decoction of laurel leaves, this is the secret of lush, healthy hair with a beautiful glossy sheen. In addition, a laurel leaf rinse is used to combat dandruff and for problems with excessive oily hair. The recipe for making a decoction of bay leaves is very simple and affordable.

Recipe hair conditioner from the decoction of bay leaves


  • 1 l. – purified, non-chlorinated water
  • 10-15 pcs. – Lavrushka leaves

You will also need:

Kettle, thermos for 1 liter, gauze or sieve and capacity for comfortable rinsing (dipper with handle, jug, etc.).

Bay leaf decoction for hair

  1. Boil 1 liter of water.
    Bay leaf decoction for hair
  2. Fall asleep bay leaves in a clean, dry thermos. Lavrushka can be slightly broken, so that she would give more useful properties to the water.
    Rinsing the hair with a bay leaf
  3. Fill the bay leaves with boiling water and close the thermos, insist 30-40 minutes.
  4. Open the thermos, strain the decoction through a sieve or cheesecloth. Optionally, you can squeeze the leaves, without losing a single useful droplet.
    Bay leaf hair recipes
  5. Pour the filtered broth into a convenient dish for rinsing.
    Bay leaf hair application
  6. Wash hair with shampoo, decoction cools down.
  7. Having cooled down to a comfortable temperature with a decoction, rinse the hair from the roots along the entire length and, without washing, dry it.
    Bay leaf infusion for hair

Bay leaf for hair

Dried hair shine after the first application. This procedure can be repeated after each shampooing. Immediately after rinsing, there is a slight smell of bay leaf, but it is worth drying the hair, and the smell disappears.
Bay leaf decoction

Strengthening the hair with a decoction of bay leaves is an affordable and cheap way to maintain the beauty of both short and long hair.

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